Callen was trying to sleep when he heard his next-door neighbor, Annie, screaming her ex-boyfriend's name. He groaned. "I don't have the energy for this..." he a dit to himself sleepily. Callen had been throwing up all night and was running a temperature of about 101.4. He thought about just ignoring Annie's screaming. Until it got on his nerves. "I'm calling Deeks." he said. He got out his phone with just enough energy in him and dialed Deeks' number.

Deeks was at the head-quarters when he heard his phone ring. "Hello?" he said. "Deeks, I have a problem." Callen a dit pretty weakly into the phone. "What is it?" Deeks asked. "My neighbor is screaming like hell and I'm very sick." Callen answered. Luckily, Deeks knew Callen was sick that day. "What is she screaming over?" he asked. "Her boyfriend. I think they broke up last night." Callen answered. "Don't toi worry, Callen. I'll call my LAPD buddies and we'll be right over." Deeks replied.

The boys hung up and Callen tried to ignore the racket for the time being. Doing so, he took his temperature. It hadn't gone down par much and Callen took some Tylenol for his high temp AND the headache that just came on. The screaming had gotten louder par the minute. "Please hurry up Deeks." Callen pleaded. He rubbed his head in pain. Just as he was about to give up on Deeks, he saw blue flashing lights.

*Finally!* Callen thought. Deeks got out of his car and went up to Annie's door. She answered it looking like a mess. "We got a disturbance call about you." Deeks stated in his officer tone. "I don't care." Annie argued. "THAT can get toi arrested." Deeks remarked about her back-talk. "All I want is Charlie." Annie a dit tearfully about her now ex. "All your neighbor wants is quiet. He's sick right now and he needs his rest." Deeks replied. "How do toi know?" Annie asked. "Because I work with him and he called me saying he was sick." Deeks answered.

"CHARLIE!" Annie screamed yet again. "HEY! You're going to get arrested if toi do that again!" Deeks scolded. Annie reluctantly stopped. "Now, I'm going to give toi a warning. Do NOT scream again. If we hear about toi doing it again, we'll come back and arrest you." Deeks warned. "Ok, fine!" Annie remarked.

After the ordeal, Deeks went to check on Callen, only to find him dead asleep. Callen had fallen asleep during the ordeal. Deeks smiled when he heard the soft snores coming from him. He left the house to let Callen rest and went back to the head-quarters.