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toi looked at the pregnancy test, letting the word 'positive' sink in on you. ''This was bound to happen...'' toi a dit to yourself. Ever since toi and Itachi confessed your feelings, he just can't keep his hands off you, not that toi didn't like it. When ever toi get the chance; toi and Itachi would pounce at one another like wild animals, keeping Tobi awake half the night. toi sighed to yourself. toi weren't normally scared of Itachi, but now toi were. toi were scared of what he'd do to your child. As toi know, he was the guy who murdered his clan. What would he do if he found out that his...
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The owner is oneeyejack. He got on for the first time in august 2006 and that also seems to be the last time he was on. I have a question should he own the spot if he's not even been on in 2 years!!!!! DEATHNOTE! should be the owner at least she would do something like change the banner i mean come on how long is that thing going to be up there?????? Well what do toi think about it? Should the lazy, never gets on anymore, person own it ou someone like deathnote who really could do some good?

{may i add he has no Friends sooooo he must have never gotten on since the jour he started}

ps I am changeing my picture to the one with madara holding the feu what do toi think?????
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