Naruto in manga
Okay, this is purely my opinion and toi can totally ignore this, but if you're interested, listen up!
animé have been known to be different from their original manga. Some changes are not major, some change the direction of the story completely. Usually, such changes arise at the ending of the anime. Think about most anime:Soul Eater, FullMetal Alchemist, KWMA, and a host of others, their endings are usually different from the manga. And when toi compare these endings to the manga, the manga endings are (usually) much better.
Due to the never-ending suspense Naruto is giving us, many Naruto fans have gone ahead and read what happens at the end, and many are pleased with it. But if Naruto (the anime) follow the path of other animé and alters the ending...well toi can guess.
This alteration is not expected though, as while major changes are made to animé from the beginning, the Naruto animé has only gone through MINOR changes. All we can do is traverser, croix our fingers and wait in anticipation, hoping that the worst does not come to pass.
Again, JUST my opinion!

*You can find the differences between the Naruto animé and manga at the link below:
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