Just my opinion. I don't care if it makes people angry. I tried making it into a question, not an article ('Who do toi hope Naruto will end up with? Why'), but it wouldn't montrer the whole thing. The whole rant. So, here it is:

'Who do toi hope Naruto will end up with? Why?'

I hope he'll end up with... Temari! XD Kidding. I actually hope he'll end up with Hinata, for many reasons. First of all, Hinata deserves Naruto's l’amour far plus than Sakura. She has always loved him, ignoring the crowd, even ignoring warnings from her family, which shows she has a strong mind. She is also (and I don't care if I get angry commentaires for saying this) a much nicer person than Sakura. This has been obvious since very early on in the first series. All right, Sakura isn't as much of a total chienne to Naruto as she used to be, she used to treat him like dirt, but she still screwed with his feelings when she made that fake confession. Even Kiba commenté that it seemed like she was underestimating Naruto. She also uses Naruto as a punchbag. Tsunade occasionally hit Jiraiya for being perverted, which was fair enough, but Sakura sometimes hits Naruto for ridiculously silly little reasons. Hinata, on the other hand, was the only one who stepped in and tried to protect Naruto from Pain. All Sakura did was cry and whine for Naruto, leaning on him as usual. If Naruto and Hinata got together, both of them would be happy and if Sasuke came back to the leaf, Sakura could be with him and they'd also both be happy (not that I'd care, I don't like either of them). If Sakura and Naruto got together, Hinata would be left on her own. I think Shino and Kiba are like brothers to her, I just can't see those pairings happening. Furthermore, if Narusaku happened, Naruto would always just be seconde best to Sakura. She loves Sasuke. Proof: when that aléatoire guy confessed his l’amour to her, she a dit she was in l’amour with somebody else. We then saw Sasuke's image in her mind.

Additionally, I think I remember Kushina saying something along the lines of 'don't fall for the first girl that comes your way' to Naruto, as part of her speech as she was dying. The first girl who came his way was pretty much Sakura. Kushina also said, if I remember correctly, that he should try to find a girl like her. People say that Sakura is plus like Kushina than Hinata is, but I say...


Sakura fell for Sasuke because he was 'cool' and 'hot', not because he was a nice person. Kushina fell in l’amour with Minato when he saved her and became the first one to complement her hair. See the difference? It's hard to pinpoint the moment when Hinata fell in l’amour with Naruto, I think it was probably a slow(ish) process, but it wasn't because he was the 'cool kid', because he wasn't. It wasn't because he was 'hot'. People say Sakura is plus like Kushina because she's 'strong', but I think Hinata is stronger than Sakura. Not physically, of course, but she's... braver. She didn't listen to the bitchy rumours that were probably going round about Naruto when they were little, nor did she EVER lean on him. She stood up to Pain for him. It took guts to even say 'I l’amour you', but she did it. Just because she's shy doesn't mean she's not strong. I, personally, think Kushina would be happier for Naruto to marry Hinata than Sakura. And I think we can all agree that Kushina should be respected.

... Thank god I copied and pasted it, before posting the question. XD I'm always paranoid about something going wrong (because it has many times in the past), so that's what I always do.