Kyung's Past

kyung was born in the small village of ame. His parents kirin and ishidate were both 21 when kyung and his sister,min,were born. Unfortunately the family's happiness didn't last long due to the fact that when both twins were 8 the 3rd shinobi war had begun. ishidate,who was a soldier just getting back accueil from his 2 years on the battlefield returns accueil to find his wife and children huddled together under the lit as ame soldiers raid their cuisine looking for food. the two ame soldiers,mistaking ishidate for a konoha soldier,attack him as he tries to defend his family. he knocks out one ame soldier as the other comes over and stabs him in the back,twisting his neck until it pops. Min,a daddy's girl,hears her father's scream of pain and runs to the kitchen. Kyung and Kirin,not too far behind follow her. Min sees her father's lifeless body on the ground abd cuddles it,tears streaming down her cheeks. she'd been waiting 2 years for his return and now she knew she'd never get to enjoy her father's warmth and comforting voice which soothed her to sleep at night ever again. Kirin,now angered at the rain ninja who just killed their own ally goes to tackle the only other soldier. He stabs her in the head with a kunai and her body falls to the ground. Kyung drops to his knees,now realizing that both of his parents had died. The rain ninja disappears,dragging his unconscious partner along with him. Kyung's Past (part II)

Kyung and Min had put in a lot of work burying their parents but had finally successivley completed the task. Min leaves her younger brother,stating that she was now going to Sunagakure until the war had ended. But kyung couldn't leave. Ame was where he was born,where his parents had raised him for 8 long years of his life. He prays one last time at his parent's grave and leaves his accueil with nothing but a rain jacket,the clothes on his back,and a gas mask. 2 weeks into his journey he continues searching for shelter.upon his chercher he stumbles across a young boy with spikey orange hair in a cave. He greets the boy,and his blue haired female companion starting off with his name. The orange haired boy is named yahiko and the girl konan. He then notices a small red haired boy sitting behind a stack of boxes. His name apparently is nagato. Kyung tilts his head slightly,not understanding why the boy is crying. From what he'd just heard they'd all Lost their parents but he seemed to be the only one crying. kyung figured he was just a weak and useless wimp and just walked away,hanging around plus with yahiko and konan. Konan reminded him of his mother,while he built a strong bond with yahiko after hearing he wanted to become a God and make the shinobi world a plus peaceful place to live. 3 years pass and the 4 train with jiraiya,learning plus and plus ninjutsu each day. Kyung even has to admit he's envious of the red head,with the same kekkei genkai as the sage of 6 paths,and mastering every jutsu taught to him par jiraiya. Eventually,jiraiya leaves the 4 to fin for themselves,returning back to konoha. Little knowing that. the suivant time they saw their sensei,it wouldn't be a friendly visit.