Deidara: *sits in chair, crosses legs and flips his hair out of his face, grinning* "Hello lady's, My names Deidara~ but of course toi know who i am" *winks*
"I am here today with you, to montrer how much i l’amour you" *chuckles* "and i l’amour toi allot, with your beautiful (your hair color) hair, and that nice sexy smile of yours"
"will toi smile for me love? hmm?" *takes of veste revealing his bare chest underneath* "what about know" *grins*
*keeps veste off* "you know your eyes, they mesmerize me" *leans in and tilts your chin up, looks deep into your eyes* "Can I Kiss toi love?" *brushes his mouth against yours" "It really is tempting" *kisses toi no matter what toi said* "how about i Kiss toi deeper? hmm?"
*kisses toi again, deeply and passionately, dabbing your lips with his tongue, but then pulls back and blushes* "i-i'm sorry, i shouldn't have done that it's just.....your so tempting, I couldn't control my self" *laughs, and puts his veste back on* "I should go...y'know...before i do worse" *winks, and walks over to toi and kisses your cheek, whispering into your ear* "bye bye love~" *he walks out*
(Should I do plus like this? If so...With who?)