Well,I'm doing this cause...Well. Hinata a dit I l’amour toi , but she a dit it FIRST! So yeah. Sakura a dit it LAST. Ha-ha! I'm in the side of NaruHina! And I do not like NaruSaku and NejiHina and ShikaIno and yeah...More like the- Nevermind I'll shut up! Enjoy

In the morning there was an orange ninja. Name Uzumaki Naruto. He dreamed of becoming a Hokage.
For many years of wishing. It came true. He became a Hokage, cause he saved the village, it's now peacful, and Naruto got what he wanted. But there was something else important. It was ...a women. A women that will always be and loves Naruto. Never forgetting him. He still loved Sakura. But still. He had forgotten on important girl who actually feels for him. And he had forgotten.

In the Hyuga's. There was a girl named Hinata Hyuga. She was sweet and shy. She wanted to be strong like her father and kind of like her mother. She is in a better mood cause she feels better when the jour she told her feelings to Naruto. But does he feel the same as well?

At the Hokage's mansion, Naruto ordered Raman, he ate and went back to work.

Naruto: Man being a Hokage hurts your brain. unh...maybe this is why Granny was so mean cause of all the work and stuff. I gotta take a brake. Well... uhh...SHIKAMARU!!!

Shikamaru Nara came and he was the assianted of Naruto.

Shikamaru- Yes?
He a dit all bored
Naruto- I'm gonna take a walk to the Village. Please, do the work for me.

Shikamaru- Sorry to upset you. But my wife and I are going to have a date.

Naruto- I'm the Hokage. Do as I say.
Shikamaru- Please, Naruto,May I be with my Wife,Temari,she needs me and I need her....

Naruto- unh...alright. umm...NEJI!
Neji- Yes?
Naruto- Can toi do the work for -
Neji- Samething with Shikamaru. I have to take my wife to the beach. So may I?

Naruto-Same with toi too? unh...alright, I'll be nice for the two of you. Okay. toi may be with your wifes.

Neji-Thank you.
Shikamaru- Yeah. Thank You,sir.
Naruto- Yup. Now...CHOJI! b

Choji- uhh...Yes?
Naruto- Don't "uhh" me. Do my work and I'll be taking a walk. Please.

Choji- Too bad I don't have a wife...oh-well...alright, I'll do your work. BUT, what will be my reward.

Naruto- Choji...don't be STUPID, okay...uhh...Your REWARD is always the same. Food. Now see ya. And if toi mess up on a paper then NO Reward.

Choji- Got'cha.

Naruto- Good.I shall head off then.

Meanwhile with Hinata...

Hinata- Father. Are toi sure toi want extra Hot Spice sauce on it?

Hiashi- Yes,Hinata i do.
Hinata- Father. It'll make toi sick.
Hiashi- I don't care.
He a dit while glareing at her.

Hinata- Okay. I'll be on my way.
Hiashi- Alright.

Hinata headed out to a restraunt called <Minasuti> .

Hinata- Wonder if Naruto is okay.

Meanwhile with Naruto...

Naruto-.... What to do. Enjoying a walk...and then what?

Hinata- ? Is that Naruto's voice I hear....?

Naruto- Blah,blah...I have nothing to do.
Hinata- Oh. Naruto?
Naruto- Hinata!
Hinata- Good morning Hokage-sama.
Naruto- Morning Hinata.
Hinata- How are you?
Naruto- Good.
Hinata- Sorry to ask you...I'm kinda lost. Where is the Minasuti?

Naruto- It's in the left Hinata. Just go plus straight and you'll see it.

Hinata- ...Thank toi for the imformation, Hokage-sama.

Naruto- No prob.

Hinata- See you.
Naruto- Yeah.

Naruto- It' been a while...Sakura-chan! I haven't seen her in a while.

He went to Sakura's house and she opened the door. She looked different than before.

Naruto- Sakura!
Sakura- Naruto? Wow. Nice Jacket? Are toi doing a cosplay of the Hokage?

Naruto- Huh? No! I'm the Hokage?
Sakura- Sense when did toi become Hokage?
Naruto- 6 weeks il y a I started.
Sakura- Really?
Naruto- Yes. I send toi a mission last week and toi didn't know it was me?
Sakura- Sorry. Nope.

Naruto- ....Well... I am now
Sakura- Ha-ha. Are toi mature now?
Naruto- I am. Trust me.
Sakura- Alright.

Naruto- Sakura...I got a question for you...
Sakura- Hn?
Naruto- Sense I'm Hokage and toi do as I say. Will...will...will toi go out with me?

Sakura- Naruto?...
Naruto- C'mon. Can toi just give me one chance?
Sakura- I dunno. Just one chance?....

Hinata exited out of the market and headed back home.

Sakura- Okay. Fine I'llgo out with you. If toi lose the chance. No more.

Naruto- Got it. So um.. pick toi up in about 10 minutes.
Sakura- Alright.

There was Hinata hideing from Naruto and she herd all of that. To her. It hurted so munch.
She headed accueil and cried a little. After all that pain she took to protect Naruto and she told him the truth.

Hiashi- Thank toi Hinata.
Hinata- Yes father. Now later make sure to drink your medicine.

she a dit while leaving the room.

Hiashi- I will. Not...

Later on
At the End of the rendez-vous amoureux, date of Naruto and Sakura they were about to kiss. But then...Hinata saw them,they stoped cause they sensed Hinata right there. All gloom.

Naruto- unh....Hinata... your face...you look ...

Hinata-....Naruto....Why?....Did toi forget? What ...what I a dit ...earlier......

Sakura-....To late for that. He doesn't even remeber.
Naruto-...... I don't remember Hinata.

Hinata took a glare at Sakura. She remeber that she loved Naruto and Sakura took her love.

Hinata- Why?...Why do worse things have to go bad one me?

Naruto- Hinata.

Hinata- Well...you ...you guys....can...be.....

She ran away crying will her cœur, coeur broken. All she can do is be sad till the death comes to her.

Sakura- I forgot...... but Naruto toi ...your...sweet. and well....you loved me first so...might as well forget about it.

Naruto- ......Something important she said...sounded ...sweet.

Sakura- Forget it.
Naruto -.....
Naruto's Mind- Think, think,think! Oh great i sound like a Winnie the Pooh.


Hinata- Because Naruto-kun....I l’amour you...
Naruto- !!!

Hinata- unh...huff,huf,huf. Because...it's my nindo way.
Naruto- ....


Hinata was suivant to a rue light crying.

Naruto- Be right back.
Sakura- salut wait!
Naruto- unh...Hey but!
Sakura- When toi took me to the restraunt... I...I a dit I'll never leave you! And your leaving me! And I a dit NO your not leaving me! So your not leaving me!! Got it?!!

Naruto- Geez! Lady.
Sakura- Now. Stay with me pookey face. toi mine. I l’amour toi now. I'm so glad i gave toi a chance. Hee-hee.

She a dit while putting her head on her shoulder.

Naruto's Mind- Maybe this wasn't a good idea to rendez-vous amoureux, date her. Geez she got some problems.

Hinata- (sniff)

Shikamaru- Hinata?
Temari- salut what are toi doing here?
Shikamaru- It's about to rain, so toi might want to go home.

Hinata- Alright. I understand.
Temari- Is something bugging you?
Shikamaru- Hey. Temari and I are g
oing to a lovely place, want to come?
Hinata- No thank you.

Naruto- Hinata!
Hinata- unh?...
Shikamaru- Oh gosh. It's time! We better go Temari! Well...have a nice day, Hinata.

Hinata- Yes.

They left and Naruto was yelling at Hinata. He remebered something special.

Hinata- ....

Naruto- Hinata...
Hinata turned away Naruto all she can do is be silent and let him do the talking.

Sakura was over there , looking at them.

Sakura- Damn that Hinata! unh...Not getting in my man!

Naruto- I'm sorry. I just forgot all of the sudden. Please , I'll brake up with Sakura! We haven't even kissied.
Sakura- Too bad! Hinata! Stay away from Naruto! He's taken! Can't toi see right now that were on a date! toi just rueion it!

Hinata- I'm sorry...
Naruto- Don't feel sorry! Hinata!
Sakura pushed Naruto and grabbed Hinata bye the callor.

Sakura- toi are an idiot Hinata! Naruto is mine! Don't toi understand.

Hinata- Sakura-chan! I thought you...loved Sasuke. But now toi l’amour Naruto? Make up your mind. Your nothing but just a person who is a slut trying to be a girl with a big chest and make ever boy in the village a fall in l’amour with you.

Sakura- What?....What did toi say? ....You idiot!

She punched Hinata as hard like Tsunade. Hinata got her back hurt.

Hinata- Ow!
Sakura- A fight it is!
Hinata- I didn't even sya I wanted to fight!
Sakura- ...Hmph. Unforgiven. toi fight me! And you'll die in a secound ou two!

Hinata-.... Alright...Fine!

Naruto- Guys your-
Sakura- Shut it!

Naruto- ....Who will choose her?
Sakura- Ready?
Naruto- Oh-no.
Sakura- Ingie gindia ey.(japanese)
Hinata- ....

Sakura heading straight at her with her fist clenched. she got closer and almost coup de poing Hinata in the face. Till Hinata tilted her head left and Sakura hit the wall, Hinata got her hand a waked her in the stomach.

Sakura got her elbow and hit her as well, she grabbed her hair and threw Hinata like a bowling ball, when Hinata was about to hit the mur she flipped back as far as she can, she grabbed Sakura arm and broke it like a stick.

Sakura- ooh-unh...
Hinata turned her back. She faced down and knew that Sakura was headings torwards her. She got two fingers and it heated Chakra on it.

Hinata- Sakura. Naruto won't like a crazy women who is selfish.

Sakura- Hmph! Yeah right!
Sakura heated Chakra on her fist and Hinata was using her Byakugan and chakra on her.

Sakura- Bring it on!
Hinata- ...

They didn't give a single hit at eachother but Hinata got her fingers and stab her.

Sakura- unh... Fool....you idiot!
Hinata- I will not allow such craziness get to Naruto.

Sakura- Your .....your stupid!...I ....I...
Hinata- I loved him first then you. I a dit I l’amour toi to him and I was hurt. toi were last and not in pain.

Sakura- toi bastard.
Hinata- Sorry to end it this way...I win.

Naruto- It's true...
Hinata-.... Cause...I loved Naruto plus than anyone here in this village.

Naruto- Heh.

Sakura- unh...inlease I got Sasuke....
She fell down and unconsious.

Hinata- unh.....Naruto-kun...
She a dit smiling happy.
Naruto- Hinata...
He hugged her tightly. He was happy. plus happier than she was.

Naruto- ....You make my jour shine like always Hinata.

Hinata- Naruto-kun...Forgive me to break it up to you...
Naruto- Hinata. No. Please don't go.
Hinata- unh....

Hinata fell as well. She got hurt. Somehow Sakura his her weak spot.


Later On Naruto took Hinata to the hospital.
He was sitting suivant to her looking at her face.

Even so he wasn't looking at Sakura! Ha!

She opened her eyes and everything went blury for a secound. Naruto's face was in front.

Naruto- Hinata...
she a dit smiling happy.

Naruto- Hinata-chan...Your ...
Hinata- toi waited just for me?
Naruto- Well,yeah.

Hinata decided to get closer to Naruto,but soon Naruto quicly grabbed on to the back of Hinata's neck and kissied her.


Naruto stopped the kiss. And grabbed a gun a shoot her. This time she was dead.

The End

Hmmm, Seems like I slacked off the ending didn't I? Well, for all the Sakura HATERS hoped toi like it! I hate Sakura as well. I only like her Inner Sakura. I dunno why. But anyways....
If toi have FRIENDLY TIPS toi may post it in your comment. Please do not go overbored on the comments, ou I will stop écriture ou I can come to your house and slap your face. If I can. Ha-ha. Hoped toi enjoyed it !