I'm only going to post crappy chapter one and part of ch 2. Tell me your thoughts criticism whatever.
    Chapter 1 Leaving
    “There was a world so far away and different from Blazenta that many people don't know it existed. The people there were called humans instead of magicals” a dit the teacher, Ms C. Swan, to her students, “It was called Earth and only one person is still alive from the planet”. The students, ten thirteen-year-old boys, were very interested in what Ms cygne had to say. “Her name is Axelia. She is my good friend and she will come to talk to the class tomorrow.”
The students started to talk among themselves “I want to know all about it” “I've heard about them-they were so weak. They didn't even have magic” “and they all got swallowed up par a star!” “an actual person who was there will be here!” “why are we learning this? It has nothing to do with us” “I don't believe in any of it”
    Carina left the park were she was teaching and started down the rue for her house. She walked past a cotton field and saw a shape walking gracefully fast and slow toward her. She soon recognized it as her friend the elf Marquis. When they finally met he bent down to Kiss her light and quickly on the lips. “Bonjour Lady” he a dit in his song-like voice.
“Oh when did toi come back? And why? are toi okay?” Carina asked surprised
“I came as soon as I heard that a certain teacher was walking accueil alone. I'm obviously perfect”
She laughed and they started to walk together. “I've been walking par myself for a while now, I think I can take care of myself”
Marquis shook his head “You think toi have it under control but really your in way too much danger!”
“Shut up!” she a dit rolling her eyes and held his hand “Why did toi really come?”
Marquis's face turned serious “I came back only to pack and get Mirella. We're moving.”
She was so surprised she stopped and then continued to walk again. “What? Why?” Carina didn't understand.
“The earthquakes have become plus frequent in Jula. Do toi know how many lives and homes were destroyed par the volcan eruption? So many without nourriture and shelter that need help. With me and my men bringing supplies and providing ways out we've done a lot of good. The only way for me to continue is to déplacer there entirely.”
“Your getting Mirella involved too?”
“It may sound selfish but I want my daughter with me. I miss her so much and she needs to be with me. Its been hard leaving her for these months. I wouldn't take her if she didn't want to go though.”
“She missed toi too a lot. Of course she would want to go with toi to exciting Jula. I'm going to miss you.”
He looked down at her and squeezed her hand “I l’amour toi Carina and all the Swans but this is plus important.”
“Si... Wait but toi think Mirella can handle earthquakes and volcanoes?”
“She's old enough and she will be very protected”
“But I can't walk accueil par myself?!” Carina glared at Marquis
He threw his head back and laughed “You will always be an innocent child”
“everyone says that” she sighed
    As the two walked through the open market people stopped to bow to Carina and sometimes Marquis. They smiled and nodded. It was common to them.
    They reached a huge brick house with white pillars surrounding the porch and long windows. Ivy grew on the walls and there was a balançoire, swing hanging from a magnolia tree. Many people were outside talking though it was getting darker and some children played. When they went inside only a few people were in the living room. Carina went up the winding stairs to get dressed but Marquis went into the kitchen. Marquis's movements were fast but he was actually walking slow, casually. All the other Swans were there standing and talking. He walked up behind a tall girl with short spiky rose hair and wrapped his arms around her small waist. She giggled turned around and gave him an open mouth kiss. “Tora, love, what are toi wearing?” he asked looking down at her black and white puffy dress.
“Whatever I want” she replied
Satisfied par the answer he went on to greet the person who she was suivant to. A strong man with electric blue hair stuck out his arm. “Not any closer Marquis” he a dit seriously but marquis just laughed. Marquis took his hand and licked it. The boy winced “fucking elf”
“Don't say such words Stark” Marquis a dit and then manged to get a peck on his lips. Walking over to the other side of the room he grabbed a beautiful girl with long light blue hair par surprise and kissed her deeply. “I wish I could stay longer Salene” he moaned
“You'll be back” she whispered
Then he turned to a girl suivant to her and asked, knowing she could tell the future “Will I be back soon Nala?”
The girl with short bright red hair nodded. He bent her backwards and kissed her then brought her up in a twirl. She leaned against him from being too dizzy. He held her close and looked at Salene with sad eyes. He didn't want to leave his Friends that he had spent the last thirty years with and he knew he would be gone for a long time.
    Mirella was outside with her friend Korun. It was too dark outside to see so Korun made his hand into a bright light that he put close to Mirella's face so he could see her. She had short silver hair and pointy ears like her dad but her face was just like her magical mother. They were behind the house and he was sitting against the mur and she was in his arms. “I want to go with you” Korun begged.
She looked up at him annoyed “no” she a dit for the millionth time. “I'm tired lets go to sleep. In your room one last time.”
    They went up the stairs and into his room. The sweet smell in it was so formilure to her she knew she would miss it. They had been Friends ever since they were children but never really admitted to each other that they were plus than that.

Chapter 2 The Present
    Mirella woke up early that morning suivant to Korun. She kissed and hugged him then laughed that he still hadn't woken up. She pulled the covers off him and put them on the floor knowing it would make him wake up. Then she silently ran down the hallway to Marquis's room. She walked in and saw her dad still asleep. She gathered magic water in her hand and sprinkled it on him. “wake yourself father” she a dit in her native elven tong that was a dit to be the most beautiful language.
Marquis woke up. He was annoyed she had thrown water on him but happy to see her. “good morning daughter” he a dit in elven. That made Mirella smile even plus she always loved his eleven voice. Marquis got out of his lit so gracefully that he almost levitated. As he put on a chemise over his hairless torso he asked “Why wake me so early dear?”
she replied easily in elven to his beautifully a dit question “It is our last jour at accueil and I don't want any of it to go to waste ou forgotten”
Marquis walked over to her, hugged her close and kissed her cheek “say goodbye and we will leave at noon. You'll find new Friends but not to replace the old ones. And we will be together and help other people. It will be fine, you'll see. We will find a new home.”
“yeah if it doesn't get knocked down par an earthquake” she a dit returning to common language.
“It won't” Marquis started to say but she left the room skipping down the hallway silently.
Mirella went in to Korun's room where he was dressed but had his back turned away to the door. She came up and hugged him and he turned around. She kissed him wetly on the lips then left without a word down the hallway not as silently. He chased after her but she Lost him when she glided on the air down the stairs and landed quickly at the bottom. “Axelia!” She called to a brown haired girl that was walking out the door.
Axelia closed the door and went over to her. “Oh Mirella! I'm going to miss youuu sooo much” she a dit in a baby voice. Then Korun caught up with Mirella running down the stairs and almost running into them. Axelia told her about giving a speech about Earth and Mirella agreed she would go because all the Swans were going to be there.
    Axelia went up in front of the ten students, her friends, and many other people interested in learning about her homeland. “My Friends know this is a strange jour when I talk about Earth.” She began “I usually don't like to talk about it. It wasn't a pleasant place for me. I remember learning about Earth's world history and their wars were plus bloodier horrific wars than any war I've herd of in Blazenta. That's really saying something because Earth was five times smaller than the smallest planets in our universe Blazenta. On this small planet everyday the biggest crime against any Blazentian was committed everyday- killing other people. toi know why we cherish life so much? Because we live possibly forever. If we don't get a deadly illness, an accident doesn't happen ou any natural disasters like in Jula, then we will live. We have no age but they did. That's why I would have died in about eighty plus years of living on Earth when I've lived a thousand years in Blazenta. Humans know when they are born they will die. Death was apart of their life.