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This is an immortal creature that was once human but now it must suck the blood of the living in order to survive. They are found in many cultures across the globe and take various forms. They are usually a dit to have Supernatural powers such as transforming themselves to a bat, cat ou renard to mesmerize and kill their victims. In Europe these beings rose from the grave to feed on the living during the night. They were a dit to be invincible and could only be killed with holy water, a silver cross, sunlight touching their skin ou impaling them through the cœur, coeur with a wooden stake. Garlic and...
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sailor realm(slayer)
sailor water(army)
sailor fire(zar)
sailor thunder(thina)
sailor earth(terence)
sailor air(ann)
sailor time(tima)
sailor mist(tini)
sailor darkness(darka)
sailor kristin(krista)
sailor color(art)
sailor ariel/gem(ariel)
sailor india(indin)
sailor charene(chrome)
sailor helios(helia)
sailor styx(stra)
sailor moon(serena)
sailor murcry(amy)
sailor mars(reye)
sailor jupiter(lita)
sailor venus(mina)
sailor saturn(hatoru)
sailor uranes(amara)
sailor neptune(meshel)
sailor pluto(trista)
sailor mini moon(rini)
sailor étoile, star fighter(seiya)
sailor étoile, star healer(yaten)
sailor étoile, star maker(talki)
sailor mini blackhole(mini)...
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1.) 水 (Water)-Nymph
2.) 火災 (Fire)-Nymph
3.) 電動 (Electric)-Nymph
4.) ホタル (Firefly)-Nymph
5.) ファウヌス (Faun)-Nymph
6.) ウルフ (Wolf)-Nymph
7.) フォックス (Fox) -Nymph
8.) エルフ (Elf) -Nymph
9.) 地球 (Earth) -Nymph
10.) 空気 (Air) -Nymph
11.) 降霊術師 (Necromancer)-Nymph
12.) 死んだ (Dead)-Nymph (Zombie-Nymph)
13.) ハイテク (Tech)-Nymph
14.) アニ (Ani)-Nymph
15.) テレビ (Tele)-Nymph
16.) 動物 (Animal)-Nymph
17.) ホロー (Hollow)-Nymph
18.) 暗い (Dark)-Nymph
19.) 魂 (Soul)-Nymph
20.) アイテム (Item)-Nymph
21.) 偏狭な (Redneck)-Nymph
22.) ブルー...
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1.) Elf
2.) Halfelf
3.) Halfling
4.) Dragon-Elf
5.) Griffin-Elf
6.) Centaur-Elf
7.) Were-Elf
8.) Neko-Elf
9.) Druid
10.) Nether-Elf (Evil elf)
11.) Element-Elf
12.) Soul-Elf
13.) Dead-Elf (Sort of like an Elven Zombie)
14.) Water-Elf
15.) Flame-Elf
16.) Alien-Elf
17.) Tribe-Elf
18.) Wolf-Elf
19.) Redneck-Elf
20.) Dimension-Elf
21.) Realm-Elf
22.) Red-Elf
23.) Earth-Elf
24.) Heart-Elf
25.) Demon-Elf
26.) Boketsu-Elf (Grave-Elf)
27.) Mole-Elf
28.) Country-Elf
29.) Hill-Elf
30.) Ichi-Elf
31.) Strawberry-Elf
32.) Dark-Elf
34.) Necromancer-Elf
35.) Sorcerer-Elf
36.) Train-Elf
37.) Tech-Elf
38.) Animal-Elf
39.) Grim Reaper-Elf
40.) Life-Elf
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There are many fées that appear all over the world in folklore. They have different natures and forms but they all have some traits in common; they are small, numerous in number and are guardians of nature. Most are shy and are rarely seen par man. People tend to give offerings to the fées such as the first nourriture toi have produced ou grown (except meat). fées will accept these offerings and be benevolent to humans. The word ‘fairy’ comes from the Latin ‘fatum’ meaning ‘fate’. This is because the early fées would preside over the new born people of this world and either...
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