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Sung par Brandon Victor Dixon and the cast of Jésus Christ Superstar Live! in Concert. (may contain little poney content but it's PMV)
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equestria girls
Jésus christ superstar
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This is a video I found on YouTube. I thought it was a great video. Doesn't this song fit Nightmare Moon perfectly. Disclaimer: This does not belong to me. It belongs to Candy Red Terezi
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nightmare moon
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Source: Screenshots from Hasbro's Mirror Magic EqG special
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I DO NOT own this video.
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That night at Tim's house, Toby arrived with Red Velvet in his Chrysler 200.

Red & Toby: *Get out of the car*
Julia: *Arrives on her motorcycle in a black suit*
Red: Cold enough for you?
Julia: *Parks her bike in front of Toby's car, and takes off her helmet* Remember that suspect we stopped on his motorcycle today?
Red: Yeah, I remember. What about him?
Julia: I learned something from him. Touch my suit.
Toby: *Hesitates, but touches it* Whoa, that's warm.
Red: How are toi so warm?
Julia: This is a heated suit. I bought it right as soon as I got off duty.
Red: That's nice.
Toby: Tim said...
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If toi want to prevent yourself from dying, don't watch the ending.
arc en ciel dash
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My Little Poney
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The following liens below are to pictures of all the bad guys for this fanfic.

Harry: link
Silver: link
Sadren: link
Rio: link
Malcolm: link
Highball: link
Hetford: link

Malcolm was at his house with Rio, and highball when Harry arrived.

Malcolm: Okay. How did it go?
Harry: Fine. We got another successful robbery on one of the tour buses in this city, but they got Quincy.
Rio: What happened?
Harry: We robbed the bank, and the distraction was going well, but the police blocked off our escape route. Quincy left in a stolen car while the rest of us ran through the alley ways.
Highball: Sounds like you...
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Date: August 1, 1959
Location: Pine Bluffs, Wyoming
Time: 8:04 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Gordon was pleased with the fact that he overtook Hawkeye, and Stylo's train. Now he was driving his train between the Unicorn Highway, and Lodgepole Creek.

Gordon: I'm almost out of Wyoming. After I traverser, croix the state border, I'll be in Neighbraska. *Sees a red signal* Shit. *Applies the brakes*

His train stopped just suivant to the state border.

Gordon: What do I have to stop for?
Hawkeye: *Passes Gordon's freight in his passenger train*
Stylo: *Looking in a rear view mirror, and laughs*
Hawkeye: What is it?...
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