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 Grogar and his forces of evil in Season 9
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Grogar arrives from Tartarus to cause trouble. link
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Want to know my liste of my haut, retour au début 10 MLP couples? Well know toi will.
10. Rariluna: Okay, so since I don't exactly ship Rarilight, I needed another pairing with Rarity to fill that gap and what better one to do that than Rariluna. Granted yes, these two have the same voice actor, but I still ship them either way.
9. Celestiashy: Yet another princess and mane six pairing that I ship to an extent.
8. Cheerilight: Call me strange, but I ship Twilight with Cheerilee.
7. Sombralight: I've always liked the idea of this couple.
6. Twicord: I'm sorry to say, but I like this pairing with Discord far better...
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