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 MLP Fanart haltère Simmons
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Artwork of haltère Simmons
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 The age-regressed arc en ciel that was dropped off par Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
The age-regressed Rainbow that was dropped off by Twi at Canterlot Castle-with everything she would need.
Looks like it's April Fool's jour in Ponyville-and Pinkie and arc en ciel are on feu with their practical jokes. Every poney became a victim-except Princess Twilight Sparkle, who stayed inside to avoid the mayhem, watching from one of the windows of her castle. As she went to take a nap, arc en ciel and Pinkie quietly went in to pull something off...

Rainbow: toi got the red paint??

Pinkie: Are we really gonna do this? If we do, she's gonna grill our plots! Sorry, I'm not gonna get in trouble. Later! *takes off*

Rainbow: It's just a prank! What harm can it do?

Rainbow pulls out the paintbrush, dips in the...
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 The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
The three together in one picture. What's with the negativity?
Alright! Moon-Dust12, if your'e lire this, you'll be impressed, because I've had it! First of all, Princess Luna being shipped with my OC Blazin' Blue was my idea, and a good one. toi don't like that he is shipped with her and has a daughter named Nightshade? That's your problem. But don't jump on my case ou my friend Moon-Dust12's case about it, just because I let him use my OC and morelle noire, morelle in his fan fiction! It's insanely rude, and if toi don't like it, don't commentaire on it. I already took the heat on Google+, and that already left me PISSED OFF. But seeing how Moon-Dust12 also got attacked...
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