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posted by Seanthehedgehog
A special request was made for me to make another Con Mane story. And here it is.

It begins in San Franciscolt, with U.S military vehicles going down the road.

Con: *watching*
Mirage: This doesn't seem too good.
Con: I hear you. One of those ponies look a little like me, so I'll go in with the disguise.
Mirage: So be it.
Con: *puts on disguise*
Mirage: Nice. Now toi have to get to the airbase.
Con: Ok. I'll see toi there. *teleports to airbase*
US soldier: Hello General Solin.
Con: At ease corporal. I need to take a look at one of your missile launching things.
US soldier: Sure thing. It's...
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posted by alinah_09
 Cosmic Night-ray
Cosmic Night-ray
when they opened the door,streamers popped out of nowhere..the whole room was neat but decorated the 4 ponies were all awestruck while Spectrum was grinning

"Welcome back,sir Spark" a night colored stallion came forward,smiling at the ponies "did toi like it?"

the surprised ponies all nodded at the same time,but Spectrum came vers l'avant, vers l’avant and shook the the stallion in front of them

"Nice to see toi again,Cosmic...and please..dont call me 'sir'...where's Mr. Click?our old caretaker?" Spectrum asked

"My father retired,so he left the responsibility to me" Cosmic replied

Flame snapped out of it and looked...
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posted by Dragon4322
 "Well of coarse they do"
"Well of coarse they do"
Our helicopter arrived at a good spot so we set up camp and then later went to sleep. Except for me and Chrysalis because the both of us didn't really like to sleep. So instead we whispered commentaires back and forth about opinions, wondering how our fans are back home. I asked my friend ,"Do toi think the fans miss us?" she looked at me with surprise and a dit ,"Well of coarse they do" and so i smiled at her comment. ,"Hey Chrysalis?.." I asked silently. My friend replied ,"Yes?" I asked her ,"What is it like to be a changeling?"Chrysalis responded par saying ,"Well being a changeling is no different from being a regular poney except our legs have holes in them and our wings are a little different also". I was interested in my best friend's perspective thinking that they aren't much different.
 "Well being a changeling is no different
"Well being a changeling is no different
 What Trigger, and Nutsy looked like
What Trigger, and Nutsy looked like
Outside of the castle, the sheriff was working with two twins in the King's army. Their names were Trigger, and Nutsy. They both looked exactly the same. The three were getting the trap set with hanging Friar Tuck.

Sheriff: Ok, now we just have Robin enter through here, and one of toi shoot him.
Nutsy: Uh, where do we shoot him?
Sheriff: In the head, in the head! PAY ATTENTION!!
Trigger: I can do that *accidentally shoots gun*
Nutsy: Watch where you're shooting that toi moron!
Robin: *in poor disguise* Money, for the poor.
Trigger: Let's give him eight bits
Sheriff: How about we laugh at him instead?...
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posted by Canada24

Rainbow dash was still sleeping peacefully when suddenly she was gently woken up.

"Dashie, wake up, we're here" Twilight a dit quitely.

"Huh? What?" the colorful Pegasus groaned, barelly awake.

"We arrived at UK" Twilight said, still speaking softly to her sleepy friend.

"Oh.. Right" arc en ciel said, remembering why he and Twilight were in the hot air balloon, and so the cyan Pegasus stretched as she began getting up from her lovely nap.

"Come on now, arc en ciel Dash, let's hurry" Twilight said, jumping out of the large rose balloon basket.


"Coming, coming" the Pegasus groaned. But unfortantly...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con & Charleen arrived at Golden Iris, well near it anyway.

Con: We gotta get inside the base.
Senia: But I won't let you!
Chopper pilot 1: We're here to assist you.
Senia: Gracias.
Con: *hits Senia*
Charleen: I can't watch. *closes eyes*
Con: *puts rope on Senia, and shoots pilot*

When the pilot was killed the chopper Lost control, and Senia went flying into a tree.

Con: She always did enjoy a good squeeze.
Charleen: How did toi know about the rope?
Con: Saw it coming from the chopper. Lets go.
Boris: What do toi want me to do?
0006: I want toi to destroy any non mexican cities. They will be...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Der Cheif, with a bit for a cutie mark
Der Cheif, with a bit for a cutie mark
When Con returned to Canterlot he found a very angry P

P: toi had to kill her! toi couldn't have just brought her in?
Con: Nope. She nearly killed me.
P: When I say I need someone alive, I need someone alive!
Con: Ok, I get it.
P: I got a mission where toi can't kill someone. You'll be going to a musical in Manehattan to find out what toi know about a poney named Der cheif. He a volé, étole money from nearly everyone in all of Equestria, and toi need to get it back.
Con: Consider it done.
P: A ticket for a musical in Manehattan costs 3 bits, so here. *hands Con money*
Con: Thanks. *leaves*

Con then headed...
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posted by pikachu700
me: *walking with my dog but all the sudden sniffs something*
*walks nerby a factory*
me: Don't go in there dog there might be something in there
Dog: *TOO late*
(sees poney in factory)
DOG: *Chases her*
me: oh that devil *aculal name* Running off like that i wonder what she saw this factory looks like it hasn't been used forever well, she's not comeing out on her own... i'd better go find her
*goes inside*
*door locks itself*
me: WTF *trys to open it but door knobe broke*
*sees Devil (my dog)* *door closes*
me: *opens door* *sees bloody poney right in front of door*
me: OMFG *slams door*
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