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This My Little Poney photo contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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Seriously! If toi have porn to post, do it on paheal! I think I'm speaking for most of us when I say this fanspot should stay clean for the sake of the little ones and the non-clopping bronies. I'm not telling anyone to stop enjoying porn - as if they would, because I told them - and if toi clop that's fine; l’amour and tolerate, right? But I would like to point out, that even though like 90% of the internet is porn, there are places where it's inappropriate and unwanted. I really hope I'm speaking for the majority of the fans here. If not, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
A/N: Wow... It's been a while since I've written one of these. Oh well. These are my favori ponies from 5 (least) to 1 (best).

5.) Daisy, Lily, and Rose
I know these Earth mares are three ponies but I consider them my fifth favori ponies. Reason being that they look like best friends. Also because they are fleur ponies since they were named after flowers. Rose and marguerite, daisy have been officially named but Lily has not yet. In my opinion, I see Rose as my favori out of the three mares. She's beautiful and her voice used to be like Fluttershy.

 Rose, Daisy, Lily
Rose, Daisy, Lily

4.) Diamond Mint
Diamond Mint...
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