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 Luna standing with celestia
Luna standing with celestia
One jour in canterlot luna prepares her dress to go to the galloping gala in her room. It is made of the finest silk and a diamond shaped as a moon on her flank "I can't wait to montrer Daniel this dress" says luna with glee! She sows on silk that looks like her cutie mark on the other side of her flank. Daniel, a guard captain knocks on the door. Luna panics and hides the dress in her closet and réponses the door Daniel bows and says "luna your majesty, princess celestia would like toi to get ready mam." Luna smiles and says "okay toi are dismissed Daniel" While luna gets ready Daniel leaves and...
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I don't own this video. Trust in me, if I loved this video, which I do, then you'll l’amour it as well. I hate the original cupcakes video but TRUST me and toi will find this hilarious.
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 This is Flare Azul, Blazin' Blue's gender swapped version of himself.
This is Flare Azul, Blazin' Blue's gender swapped version of himself.
Blazin' is asleep, with his girl Sapphire Scorch now sharing the same lit with him (she decided to live with him). After two hours of undisturbed sleep, a letter suddenly appears on the nightstand suivant to Blazin', and...

Blazin': A letter?? Who the foins, hay sends me a letter at this hour? *sleepily reaches for the letter and falls out of bed*

Sapphire: Eh? Somebody there? *goes back to sleep*

Blazin': Says here-"Signed, Twilight Sparkle". *reads the letter* She wants me to be the one to try her gender swapping spell, which lasts 24 hours. Could be weird going around as a girl for a whole day, but I'll...
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