The woodland critters continue decorating their arbre and also the manger Trixie made them.

Beavery: [looks around] Hey, look everyone! It's our old pal, Twisty. [the other critters turn and look, Saten flies over, Trixie behind him for backup.

Woodpeckery: Oh boy, buddy. toi came just in time!

Deery: Yeah. We've got a big problem. We ne-

Saten (holding hammer): Shut up! We're not doing toi anymore favors and I'm not letting toi give birth to the Antichrist! [walks off] I came here to put a stop to all this!

Beavery: To stop us?

Trixie: toi heard him.

Beary: But gee whiz Saten, if toi and your lady try to stop us, we'd have to use our evil Satanic powers on ya.

Saten: Right, whatever. [turns around readying hammer] I'm taking down the manger Trixie built. [Beary's eyes turn red and brighten. A mur of hellfire appears before Saten.] Ah! [The mur gets higher.] AAAH! [All the critters' eyes are flashing a bright red. Black crows swoop down and attack Stan.] AHH AHHHH! [A two-headed demon dog appears snarling at him; he runs off in terror, hiding behind Trixie who doesn't seem mind]

[The critters' eyes revert back to normal.]

Beary: Oh boy! Our Satanic powers sure did the trick!

Chickadee-y: Our powers get stronger every day! Get stronger every day!

Squirrely (goes over to them): Sorry ponies, but toi see, nothing can stop the birth of the Antichrist, except for a mountain lion.

Skunky: And toi got rid of her.

Critters: Yay!

Fluttershy suddenly flies over, wearing a santa hat, cause it's christmas.

Beavery: Wow, look, it's that pegasus that kicked us out.

Raccoony: Let's eat her flesh!

Critters: Yaaay!

Fluttershy: What the hell is going on?

Trixie: It's Critter Christmas, girl! It sucks ass!

Fluttershy: What are toi guys doing?

Raccoony: We finally did it, Fluttershy! We're about to bring forth the Antichrist with help from our new friends.

Skunky: Death and pain await all living things. Yay!

Fluttershy: Saten!

Saten: I'm sorry, they tricked us.. I... I tried to stop them!

Fluttershy: Well don't worry, I know only the one way to stop devil-worshiping critters! [She reaches behind her and whips out a sawed off pump-shotgun. She fires, and the haut, retour au début half of Beavery's head is gone.]

Trixie: houx SHIT!

Critters: Aaaaah! [They scatter. Fluttershy fires again, and Deery goes down. Two plus shots and the tops of Raccoony's and Skunky's heads come off.]

Saten: Yeah! Go Fluttershy!

Squirrely activates his demon power with the red glow from his eyes and a mur of hellfire appears before Fluttershy. Trixie fires a spell killing Squirrely.

Saten: Nice one.

Fluttershy continues firing at the remaining critters. Porcupiney is blown apart, then Foxy.

Beary (tries playing cute) Gee whiz, Fluttershy, you're not gonna kill me, are yo- [His head is blown off par her gun, and he goes down.]