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Equestrian Underground Labs
Jake - Doctor Stevsn... Back from the dead.
Steven - Hahaha... toi really know, as much as I feel alive my existence is vauge.
Jake - Dr. Dan is dead that toi know.
Steven - According to plans.
Jake - I can't belive he did it.
Steven - Let me tell toi a story of Project Reborn. toi see many ponies lose limbs but what if their whole body can't move? A whole artificial body! That was our dream and we tested it on the cores. toi see Void was a good boy caring for his girlfriend so much he wanted her to be saved. We accepted her as our test subject and then...

5 Years Ago
Project ReBorn labs
Steven - Doctor Dan we are finally here...
Dan - Yes... Are toi ready? *looks at Snowflake*
Snowflake - Y-Yes.
Steven - toi will feel sleepy. Just go with the flow.
Dan - Aye let's start the operation.
Steven - *slowly deattach head from body*
Dan - Connect it to the pompe and let's prepare the artificial bod-
Steven - Doctor Dan something is wrong...
Dan - what?
Steven - The core is working too fast.
Dan - Shit *opens artificial body*
Steven - *attaches head*
Dan - Let- *a spark comes out* Oh... Fu-

*huge explosion happens*

Dan - *slowly wakes up* Ngh... *sees Steven* A-are toi OK...
Steven - I can't... Feel my back hoofs.
Dan - Their smashed with rubble...
Steven - Half of your body... It's gone...
Dan - What about the body...
Steven - It burned... Brain got saved...

-1 week later-
Void - No I can't belive it!
Dan - We couldn't do anything we Lost something aswell.
Steven - It's not that we can't continue but...
Void - What... She can have whole new body right?
Dan - Her... Brain got damaged.
Void - What?
Dan - She will keep her personality and education but... Not memories.
Void - No... Why...
Steven - There orther way...

"After that war happend over core. Void was foot soldier... He died out of grenade explosion."

Dan - *sits* Steven... I know toi wouldn't like it after what toi did but I'll use your core again... This stalion lived hell because of us *comes up to table* so I will *puts mask on mouth* bring him back to life... Without memories.

Present time
Steven - And that how two of those were made with Nyx as mistake between.
Jake - I see...
Steven - Doctor Jake... What is your dream.
Jake - To cure After-shock
Steven - Hahaha... Once toi use this shitty core toi should rot to death Dan said. toi know... Sector X-4
Jake - Sealed away.
Steven - We keep La Reine des Neiges bodies there... My upper body, Dan's real half, Voids rest and Snowflake shattered meat. It's disgusting... Want to see it?

Somewhere in air

Void - *flying as he feels strong pain in head* What... Are those memories... I can remember... Something I don't want to...

X-4 Chamber
Jake - Oh boy...
Steven - So we putted back his real brain, his real cœur, coeur with upgraded lock and we gave him some additional... Help.
Jake - Hm?
Steven - Apparently Snowflake can remember. We didn't confirmer it but...
Dan - *only as half of original body* I can remember.
Jake - *screams like little girl and jumps off* What the!
Dan - I'm still holding... My real brain is connected to local mega-core. Steven please bring me artificial body and we can continue our reschearch.
Jake - Reschearch?
Steven - *blocks something* toi see Jake I tell toi all of that because toi will help us something new.
Jake - Hm?
Dan - toi will help us make something core-worked that can re-created biological bodies.

What will happend to Void.
Can his body and Snowflskes can be saved?
What is real purpose of the reschearchs?

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