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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Friday. Master Sword, and Rio were sitting together in Study Hall, suivant to a big window, where no one could hear them.

Rio: Now, to discuss business.
Master Sword: We've talked to nearly every teacher, and they say Guy is their favorite. Do toi think they'll accept any bribes?
Rio: If it's high enough. The janitors, I know will be easy to bribe, but the teachers, and that principal will be difficult.
Master Sword: How much do toi think we'll need?
Rio: For the janitors, two hundred will convince them to be quiet. The teachers, and principals however, will need at least a hundred thousand.
Master Sword: That's a lot. Can we do it?
Rio: Have toi seen the load of money we got from selling our house in Ponyville?

Meanwhile in Biology, Guy was with Harrison, and Camryn after they finished their work.

Harrison: That was extremely difficult.
Camryn: I didn't have any trouble.
Guy: I seconde that. *Sarcastic* Harrison is just very stupid.
Harrison: Says the stallion who got insulted for inviting two ponies to sit with him at lunch.
Camryn: What?
Guy: Harr, I was being sarcastic.
Harrison: I know. So was I.

Guy's nickname for Harrison, although it's spelled Harr, its pronounced the same as Hair.

When school ended, Guy was driving his car home.

Rio: *On a bus with Master Sword* salut Sword, look.
Master Sword: What is it?
Rio: Look who's behind us.
Master Sword: *Sees Guy in his car behind his bus* That's Guy.
Rio: I thought we were calling him gay.
Master Sword: Right, whatever. Now if we had a parking l’espace in the school parking lot, we could tail him home, and trash the place.
Rio: And him.
Master Sword: That too. Let's start bribing everypony on Monday.

2 B Continued
 Guy's car
Guy's car
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