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posted by Seanthehedgehog
suivant jour at breifing, Captain Jefferson had a message.

Captain Jefferson: There are reports being made about a silver Honda drifting on the streets of this town. We need to put a stop to it. He got away from us one time, we're not gonna let it happen again. That's all I got, any questions?
Tim: May I say something Captain?
Captain Jefferson: Go ahead, but make it quick.
Tim: *Goes to the front of the room* Now tomorrow, I'm making plans to extend my model railroad layout. Anypony interested in helping me out, go ahead, and say so.

Three ponies, along with Toby raised their hooves.

Tim: Okay. Come over to my place today after we get off duty.
Julia: I got something to say too.
Captain Jefferson: Make it quick, we have to get out on the streets.
Julia: Not to brag ou anything, but I'm going to make a layout much better than Tim's. It'll be ready the jour after tomorrow.

Several ponies started talking about it.

Tim: You're taking this seriously, aren't you?
Julia: jour after tomorrow. Come to my place, and I'll prove it to you.
Captain Jefferson: If you're done talking about toy trains, go out on patrol. All of you.
Police Ponies: *Leaving the briefing room*

Julia was driving their police car with Tim sitting suivant to her, as they passed the docks, and turned left twice, going onto the highway.

Julia: Do toi think we'll be the first ones to spot those guys in the Honda?
Tim: It depends on our locations. I think somepony else will spot him before us.

He was right. Frank, and Reggie were on the Round Freeway going over 100 miles an hour.

Frank: Let's take the cops par surprise just like we did yesterday.
Reggie: Non stop drifting, over ten cops chasing us, but they won't catch us.
Frank: *Passes two police cars*


Police Ponies: *Chasing the Honda*
Police poney 2: GT2, and 9, in pursuit of the silver Honda, on the round freeway. Eastbound, passing Coal Creek.
Julia: Aw man! We're too far away.
Tim: So much for catching those guys.
Frank: *Drifting as he goes off the freeway, and passes a railroad crossing*
Police poney 9: He's off the freeway, I repeat, he's off the freeway.
Tim: *Talks on the radio* GT2, and 9, inform us if he gets near the highway. That's our current location.
Police poney 2: Ten-4 24. We'll let toi know.
Julia: *Gets off the highway*
Tim: Stop there.
Julia: *Parks the car*
Frank: *Passes Local Consideration, and drifts to the right*
Police poney 2: Too much smoke. I can't see! *Crashes into a truck*
Police poney 9: *Stops* 24, he's heading towards the north end of the highway, we're out of commission.
Tim: I copy GT9.
Frank: *Passes Tim*
Tim: We're on it.
Julia: *Drives her car, and chases Frank*

Will Tim, and Julia catch the suspects?

Find out in the thrilling finale, coming soon.
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posted by NocturnalMirage
The last solstice

Chapter 6: Contact

Nocturnal Mirage laid still on the soft grass. The warm rays of the sun were stroking his senses very gently. The stallion got Lost gazing at the sky. There were no clouds, just the endless horizon. He let his dark blue manteau absorb the heat of the fiery orb above. Freedom at last!

There’s no other place like this in the entire country! Maybe the tall mountains of his birthplace, Terra Absolutia could outshine the magnificent beauty of Amethyst Lake. The jewel of the Crystal Empire. No ripples disturbed the surface of the obsidian water. In spite the fact...
continue reading...
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