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posted by Canada24
I finally decided to see what everyone was talking about, the episode SLICE OF LIFE..

For someone who 'rarely' watches this show, I was pleasantly serprised with how episode was excuted.

And decided to make my this here review of it..

My only complaint, I don't think Carrot haut, retour au début gotten any speaking role. She's my favori background character (don't know why).

If she DID speak and I missed it, let me know in a commentaire bellow.

I wasn't serprised to see Derpy be the étoile, star of this, fans obsess with her.
Frankly I don't get why she's such a big deal, but who cares I guess.,

But as I said, I really like this episode.

Though I'm curious if Lyra and bonbon are meant to be gay?

If they are. That's perfectly fine, I never judge, even in cartoons..


Nothing else to say.

Later guys :D
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I think I just found the most mind fuckingly insane MLP Creepypasta on the internet. I’m not even kidding. The description of this video alone just makes me worried about what I’m gonna read. Well, lets start off with our fanfic. I give toi Pattycakes.
So, this Fanfic starts off with arc en ciel Dash relaxing, when she forgets that she was supposed to visit Fluttershy… So, arc en ciel Dash is late for an appointment with one of her friends. Also, the auteur stated that it was a nice day…. This in NO WAY AT ALL sounds familiar. I mean, its not like another populaire fanfic did this in its beginning…....
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