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This was my first ever fanfic of MLP featuring my ponysona, Night Frizz!! A hybrid bat poney with the distinct features of a bat! Fur, ears, tail, wings attached to the forearms~ It will never be continued because I am too lazy to finish any stories xD

The Power of Friendship: A Start in Magic

Chapter 1

It was a bright cheery jour in ponyville and a lot of hard working ponies were doing their jobs. A rose Earth poney with balloons as her cutie mark jumped in and out of Sugarcube Corner and a blue arc en ciel pegasus flying in great speed, controlling the weather. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the town resided the Everfree Forest which was dark and dangerous. Deeper into the forest, on a arbre branch, a bat like poney slept upside down just like bats do. Her grey fourrure was neatly brushed and her long black mane covered her face. In a few secondes she started to sneeze then fell off the branch doing so. She shook her head and stood up, stretching out her wings that were attached to her front hooves. She gazed around the part of the forest she lived in and began to wander off, wondering what was beyond the forest. Back in Ponyville, a purple Alicorn was lire a book, outside of her arbre library. A purple dragon was beside her, messing around with butterflies. “H-hey Twilight, I feel something strange getting close.” Twilight picked up her head and stared at the baby dragon. “I’m sure it’s nothing Spike really.” Twilight began lire again, while Spike shrugged and went back to messing around with the colorful bugs. But Spike was right, there was something getting close, it was the bat pony, she was soaring through the sky, then she spotted the haut, retour au début of Ponyville. She was curious about the town so she dashed vers l'avant, vers l’avant before losing her balance and crashing into Twilight. She was soon greeted par the poney who sat on her back. The bat poney looked around, not noticing Twilight and got off, staring at the colorful town. Twilight shook her head and spoke angrily. “Rainbow Dash, how many times must I…..” Instead of arc en ciel Dash who would always crash into her, stood instead a weird bat pony. “Um hello there.” Twilight went toward the pony, eyeing her. “Well you’re an interesting pony….” The bat poney smiled and nodded. Twilight looked at the bat poney flank, seeing a cutie mark which looked like a musique note on haut, retour au début of a pencil. Twilight began to question the pony. “So toi draw? What’s the musique note for?” Twilight asked curiously, the bat poney was shy, clamping her hooves together. “U-u-um well….I-I like to…...listen to….to music…..” Twilight smiled at the voice of the bat pony, nodding. “Oh alright, so what’s your name?” The bat poney hesitated at first before taking a deep sigh. “My name is….Night Frizz. I’m a bat pony.” She smiled. Twilight nodded again. “Oh, well you’re a bat poney I’ve never seen before.” Night smiled nervously. “I’m...I’m the last of my kind.” Twilight soon looked sad. “Oh I’m terribly sorry.” Night Frizz sighed. “It’s alright I guess. It’s really not a big deal. I like being rare….I’m sorry if that sounds a bit harsh.” Twilight laid back down, smiling. “It’s okay. Where are toi from?” Night Frizz looked way back at the Everfree forest, then glancing back at Twilight. “Well I’m from the Everfree Forest.” Spike soon came over, gulping at the sound. “The E-E-Everfree F-Forest?” He heard the whole conversation Twilight and Night Frizz had. “Yes, but now I guess I wanna start living here, this seems like a great place!” Spike nodded. “It is, there’s so much to do!” Twilight chuckled before getting up. “You should probably be introduced to some ponies, let’s get toi to meet my friends.” Night Frizz smiled excitedly, before nodding. “Sounds great!” Twilight trotted off with Night Frizz behind her. They came across a small cottage where Night Frizz heard a gentle voice. “Now now Angel, toi need to eat, it’ll help toi get stronger!” Twilight heard the voice as well, looking over at Night Frizz. “That’s Fluttershy, she’s super kind.” Night Frizz looked around. “So many animals…..” Twilight giggled. “Yeah, she’s great with them!”
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