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posted by Canada24
One time I tried pushing my friend into a pool, but I tripped and it was me myself who ended up getting wet..

I have an unhealthy obsession with certain bands..

I have no idea how much money is inside my own bank account, and especially now, when I have a full time job..

I hate country, even though, with a family like mine.
Country musique can be heard, fuckin EVERYWHERE!!

My mother says I like Vinny from Family guy.
Can never make a statement, without it sounding sarcastic..

I don't have much faith in my own religion.

My teacher once stated that being lucky is false.
His exact words.
"I make my OWN luck".
Ever sense, we all called him
"Mr Norris"..

If anyone ever says, I am fully capable of taking troll like criticism with crying myself to sleep.
DON'T believe them..

Sometimes I rejoindre my group of Friends and randomly agree with commentaires of a conversation that I am not even part of.
Simply so I could feel like "part of something"..

I spend unhealthy amounts of time on sites such as this. Cause I don't have much say in the REAL WORLD.
I am just "that guy in the background"..
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