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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Thomas called Erik at his house.

Erik: *Eating grapes as he picks up the phone* Yeah?
Thomas: Erik, it's me.
Erik: What do toi want?
Thomas: I just wanted to apologize. What I a dit to toi back at the restaurant wasn't really nice.
Erik: Hey, I understand. If I were you, I probably would've done the same thing.
Thomas: Is that right?
Erik: Yeah. Tell toi what, why don't toi come over to my place?
Thomas: Yeah. Okay, I'll be right there.

At Erik's house

Erik: Ditto talked to me earlier about the way toi reacted to the news. He wasn't really pleased about it.
Thomas: And, he's kicking me off the team. Right?
Erik: No, but he will do it if toi screw up again.
Thomas: That would be terrible. Not only for me, but for him.
Erik: Why?
Thomas: If I was kicked off the team, I wouldn't have a job, now would I? Then, if Ditto got rid of me, he wouldn't have a good server anymore.
Erik: Then he'd be up a creek without a paddle.
Thomas: Yeah. The championship is in two days. Thanks for inviting me to your home, but I must go.
Erik: Take care.
Thomas: Same to you.

Two days later at the start of the Equestrian volley-ball League.

News poney 4: The camera crews are ready.
News Pony: Me, and Allen are ready.
News poney 4: Good, we'll be on the air soon. In 5. 4. 3. 2.
Camera Ponies: *Start filming*
News poney 4: The following program was recorded in high definition.
News Pony: It's a beautiful jour in Manehattan as we take a look at the championship for the Equestrian volley-ball League. I'm Mike Richards, and par my side is Allen Wood as we bring toi the news about the Canterlot Humans against the Manehattan Spiders.
News poney 2: The game hasn't started yet, but it will soon. It turns out that Thomas, and Erik are both the best servers on the Humans, after a survey a done around town. A fan of the Humans created a survey asking which poney on the Canterlot Humans was the best, and Thomas, and Erik got tied for first place.
News Pony: It looks like the game is about to start now. Speaking of Thomas on the Canterlot Humans, he is starting the game as server. The Spiders will be in for a long day.
Erik: Give it to 'em.
Thomas: toi got it. 0 serving 0. *Hits the ball*
News Pony: I don't know about this one.
News poney 2: The ball looks like it won't go over!

Will the ball go over the net?

Can Thomas keep his reputation as the best volley-ball server in the world?

Maybe lire the suivant part of this fanfic will answer your question.
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