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Seanthehedgehog Presents

The Adventures Of arc en ciel Dash

Starring the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria, arc en ciel Dash

Her German sidekick, Pinkie Pie

The main villian, Discord

Discord's sidekicks: Screwball, Karl, and Kyle

Episode 8

The Magic montrer

One day, arc en ciel Dash, and Pinkie Pie decided to go to a magic show.

arc en ciel Dash: *Sits at a table, tableau with Pinkie Pie* This is going to be awesome!
Pinkie Pie: Ja! The Great Ponyni sounds like a great magician. I heard he could free himself from being tied par chains.

What they didn't realize was that Discord was The Great Ponyni. He was wearing a black cape, with a black haut, retour au début hat, and a fake handlebar mustache.

Discord: This will be very fun. Once we get this started, we'll torturize every single poney in the crowd.
Karl: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.
Kyle: Only one problem. toi don't look anything like a pony.
Karl: Even with that disguise.
Discord: I don't have to look anything like a poney toi idiots!
Screwball: Five minutes before curtains open.
Discord: Okay, get ready!
Screwball: Five minutes are up!
Karl: What?
Kyle: That felt plus like five seconds!
Screwball: *Opens curtains*
Discord: *Walks onto stage* Hello! Today, I am going to montrer toi some amazing magic tricks. First, I'm going to have somepony go into a box, and disappear!
Karl: *Brings out box, then sees arc en ciel Dash*
arc en ciel Dash: *Sees Karl* wait a minute...
Karl: Boss, arc en ciel Dash is in the audience.
Discord: Excellent. I need one volunteer to go into this box. Who want's to do it?
Ponies: *Raising hooves*
Pinkie Pie: OOH!! OOH, OOH! PICK MEEEE!!
Discord: How about this blue beautiful pegasus?
arc en ciel Dash: Me?
Discord: Yes, come onto the stage.
arc en ciel Dash: *Goes onto stage*
poney 46: That's not fair!
poney 24: She didn't even raise her hooves!
Discord: Step into the box.
arc en ciel Dash: *Steps into box*
Discord: Now, I'm going to make the blue poney disappear! *Waving wand*

Soon, purple smoke came out of the wand, and in the box, a hole appeared in the door, and arc en ciel Dash fell into a truck. She was expecting this however, and Screwball ran quickly downstage to drive the truck.

Discord: *Opens box*
Pinkie Pie: *Eyes pop out wide open* Dashie?!
Discord: Yes, arc en ciel Dash is gone. And now, *Makes everypony except Pinkie disappear* You'll be gone too.

Meanwhile in the truck.

Screwball: *Drives out of garage*
arc en ciel Dash: *Kicks door open*
Screwball: *Hears noise* What was that?
arc en ciel Dash: *Flies out of box, then out of the truck, and on haut, retour au début of the truck*
Screwball: *Turning left, and right*
arc en ciel Dash: *Sits in siège suivant to Screwball, then smiles* Hi.
Screwball: What are toi doing here?!
arc en ciel Dash: Enjoying the scenery. It's really nice to go driving during this time of year.
Screwball: Get out of here! *Pushes arc en ciel Dash*
arc en ciel Dash: Whoa! *Nearly falls out truck* What was that for? I was being polite!
Screwball: toi can be polite par getting killed! *Turns truck to the right*
arc en ciel Dash: *Flies up*
Screwball: ggrrrrrrrrrrr!
arc en ciel Dash: *Gets back to siège in truck suivant to Screwball* Did toi miss me?
Screwball: No! *Tries to coup de poing arc en ciel Dash*
arc en ciel Dash: *Grabs Screwball's hoof, and throws it back at her*
Screwball: *Hits herself*
aléatoire Pony: *Driving car*
Screwball: *About to hit car*
arc en ciel Dash: *Flies out of truck, gets in front of it, and stops it from moving*
Pony: *Stops car* Ma'am, are toi okay?
Screwball: *Floors it* Come on, déplacer it!
arc en ciel Dash: *Struggling to prevent truck from moving* Yeah. If toi could déplacer your car backwards, that would be great!
Pony: *Drives backwards*
Screwball: *Still trying to drive forward* Why won't toi go anywhere?!
arc en ciel Dash: *Still pushing against truck* How much longer do I have to do this?
Screwball: MOVE! *Puts truck in reverse, and floors it*
arc en ciel Dash: *Lets go of truck*
Screwball: AHHH! *Drives into river*
arc en ciel Dash: Pinkie Pie! I gotta go help her! *Flies back to magic show*

When she got there, arc en ciel Dash found out that Pinkie Pie defeated Discord, Karl, and Kyle.

arc en ciel Dash: Pinkie Pie!
Pinkie Pie: Dashie!!
arc en ciel Dash: Are toi okay?
Pinkie Pie: Ja. What about you?
arc en ciel Dash: I'm a little tired, but I can't complain.

The End
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Later in another part of Ponyville

Fenix: Thanks for the coffee.
Waitress: Your welcome, that'll be 1 bit.
Fenix: No problem *pays for coffee with tip*
Shredder: Why am i here again?
Fenix: We need to help Con in case he's been kidnapped par Goldhoof.
Shredder: He's a unicorn, if he gets into any trouble he can use magic to escape.
Fenix: Then they shoot him before he leaves. He probably has his location marked on the radar. *walks to car*
Shredder: What is this?
Fenix: A Dodge Alicorn with spy equipment.
Wierdjob: *drives past Fenix*
Shredder: He must have past us.
Fenix: Lets go then *follows radar*...
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"That's why Catie might win this time." I told arc en ciel Dash. She was impressed in Tail's work on the train I stole, and could toi blame her? "We need rocket launchers on our trains here." "Yeah, and with the hearts on them people would misjudge us." I said. Then the both of us just sat on a rock, and relaxed. Meanwhile, back at sugarcube Catie was still with Pinkie. "I don't know why Sean left when toi came here." Then Catie put a spell on Pinkie, "Now toi will do as I say. I want toi to get everyone in Equestria to destroy Sean The Hedgehog, and anyone that stands in our path." Pinkie copied...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
"Thats the book!" Pinkie shouted in excitement. "Ok," Twilight said, "Lets see what we got here." She read the index, and found something called holidays. Meanwhile Rarity was waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. Where could he be, she thought. Although she was freesing Rarity still waited outside for Santa to arrive. "Where's Santa?!" She yelled for no reason. Then, she saw a red light, not knowing what it was, she ran off, "Wait," someone a dit in a shadow, "Theres no need to run away, unless you've been naughty." he continued saying. Twilight continued lire the book, this time outloud. "On...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
We were in our disguises, and got out of the apartment. We had a plan to sneak into Canterlot, take over the train station, and get back to Ponyville. From there we would drop off Applebloom and her Friends at sugarcube corner. Rarity and Fluttershy would watch them, while the rest of us would sneak into the enemy base, find info on any attacks, and rapporter it to Princess Celestia once we got it. "Ok everyone on the car." I ordered. Soon Our team was on the car, with me and arc en ciel Dash in it, Spike somehow got in the trunk. "You know what you're doing?" Fluttershy asked. I a dit yes and used...
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posted by Courtneyfan785

Applejack is a honest and hard working pony.She can get on my nerves a liiiiiitle but she is the best country poney I ever saw

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a super awesome pegasus!She can be kinda mean but shes so awesome!But compared to cidre fort, applejack she needs to be 20% glacière X3


Fluttershy is the sweetest pegasus I have ever seen!She kinda gets on my nerves for being to weak,but she is still my number 3!

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a ball of fun!She can be overly aléatoire sometimes,but she is the funniest poney i've seen besides Derpy!

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight is a great and smart pony!She is kinda overly smart a times,but she's a great friend!


Rarity is a great fasionista!But she does get on my nerves a lot.She is a drama queen.She is a really big one in Lesson Zero.But she is a great friend!
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Michael, and Debbie stayed outside to play with their dad, and Hawkeye went inside to make the phone call.

Hawkeye: *Calling Cheyenne Trainstation*
Pete: *Hears phone ring, and answers* Cheyenne Trainstation of the Union Pacific. Pete Reimer speaking.
Hawkeye: Pete, it's me Pierce.
Pete: What have toi been up to?
Hawkeye: My train has been derailed. Could toi send some cranes over to get them back on the tracks?
Pete: I already did. Percy, and Jeff will be there too. They're gonna inspect the track.
Hawkeye: Okay good. Thank you. *Hangs up*
Grandfather: *Comes downstairs* How did toi get in my...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Warning: I apologize for not being on here yesterday. Too many articles have been posté between this one, and the précédant part. To read part one, go here: link

Pete was waiting at Cheyenne for the new engines. He didn't know that Hawkeye got derailed, and was in need of help.

Pete: Where is he? Pierce should be here par now!
Gordon: He's probably slacking off. toi know how much he likes to do that.
Stylo: He doesn't slack off, that's your job.
Gordon: I do my work!
Pete: Hey, enough arguing. It's not getting us anywhere. Now, what do toi think happened?
Stylo: I believe he got his train derailed....
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We planted the bombs, but Robotnik, and several of his soldiers were about to leave.

Sean: *Grabs chaos emerald* Let's get out of here.
Others: *Gather around*
Sean: Chaos control. *Teleports himself, and his Friends out of the Death Egg*
Shredder: Let's blow that place up now.
Sean: *Pushes button on remote*

The Death Egg exploded before Robotnik, ou anyone else could get out.

Caramel: Oh yeah!
Shredder: That was an awesome explosion.
Rarity: Too bad the spa was destroyed.
Sean: Again, there's another one in Ponyville. Let it go already.

Meanwhile, near the facility.

Rainbow Dash: *Blocking...
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After killing Queen Chrysalis, I went back to arc en ciel Dash, and the others.

Sean: Did the Death Egg arrive yet?
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it's coming behind us.
Sean: *Looks behind him* Oh, I see it. Did Rarity tell toi she was on there with her group?
Applejack: Yeah, she's on. And apparently, there's a spa in that machine.
Sean: Those guys are lucky. While they're having a blast in the spa, we're down here, with nothing.
Bonbon: Then let's get up there.
Sean: We have to wait for the Death Egg to land.
Robotnik: *driving death egg*
Nazi 7: Sir, toi may land the death egg.
Robotnik: With pleasure. *Landing...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Master Sword
Master Sword
A poney named Master Sword was the conductor of the train Bartholomew was going to drive.

Master Sword: All aboard!
Lady: *Blows whistle twice*
Signal Pony: *turns signal green*
Lady: *drives train* toi know what this engine is we're driving?
Bartholomew: A 4-8-4?
Lady: Yeah, but we call them Neighagaras. We have 25 of them, and they're named after the Neighagara falls.
Bartholomew: Beautiful.

The train was gathering plus speed as it left Harmon.

Bartholomew: *Sees station* What kind of trains stop there?
Lady: Only commuter trains. Some passengers take the train there into Grand Central, and then...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Gordon was doing well with driving the train.

Franklin: We'll be going up a colline soon.
Gordon: Oh please. This engine is powerful, it should get the entire train up par itself.
Franklin: But it doesn't. We tried having an empty freight like ours go up that colline once, but it still needed help. Coal is a very heavy thing to pull.
Gordon: I know. toi should see the trains we have to deal with, some of them are so heavy, that we need two challengers to pull them.
Franklin: Double heading of very large locomotives just seems so interesting.
Gordon: I know. *Sees hill* Is this the colline toi were talking...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Nopony noticed that the Irish ponies a volé, étole the Golden Spike.

Mayor: As mayor of Promontory Utah, I give toi permission, to put the Golden Spike in it's rightful place.
Connor: Yes sir. Get the spike.
Mercury: *Goes to boxcar*
Ponies: *Excited to see Golden Spike*
Connor: What's taking so long?
Mercury: *returns* Connor, some of the workers are gone, and the spike is gone.
Connor: What?! Excuse us mayor, the spike has been stolen. We need to find it.
Mayor: Oh, alright. We'll stay here until toi find it.
Connor: Thank you. Let's go Mercury.

Up north, the Irish ponies stopped to get water.

Irish Pony...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
On the way to St. Foalis, Hawkeye, and Stylo were thinking of a plan to get Gordon, and Coffee Creme to break up.

Stylo: I got it.
Hawkeye: What?
Stylo: When we return to Cheyenne, we'll hire a band to play music, have Gordon in there, and we get Snowflake to pretend to be dating Gordon.
Hawkeye: How are we getting Snowflake involved?
Stylo: Just leave it to me.

A couple of days later, Hawkeye, and Stylo returned to Cheyenne, after getting The City Of San Franciscolt to the station. After letting another crew take over, Stylo, and Hawkeye soon got to work.

Stylo: Alright. toi get the band, and...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con ran to the parking lot where he put his car. The adaptive camouflage was still on, so no one could see it.

Con: *Gets in car* P, set up an airstrike on the Ice Hotel.
P: Roger that.
Zao: *Comes to parking lot*
Chinese Pony7: *Riding snowmobile*
Zao: *Sees snowmobile*
Chinese Pony7: *Crashes into car*
Zao: *sees crash* All units report, now!
Con: *Drives off*
Chinese Pony7: *Shooting at car*
Zao: *Runs to his car, and puts on thermal imaging* I see toi now. *Activates machine gun*
Con: *Driving faster*
Zao: *Shoots at Con with machine gun*
Car: Warning: Too much damage. Adaptive Camouflage turned off....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After Con was tortured, he was left in a prison cell. The Chinese drowned him, whipped him, and they nearly set him on fire.

Con: *Resting in cell*
Chinese Mare: *Opens cell door*
Con: What do toi want now?
Chinese Mare: Come with me. *Walks down hallway*
Con: *Follows Chinese Mare*
Chinese Ponies: *Pointing pistolets at Con*
Con: *Staring at Chinese Ponies*
Chinese Mare: *Opens door* Step inside please.
Con: *Goes past door*
Chinese Mare: *Follows Con while closing door*
Gustav: Mr. Mane, please sit.
Con: *Sits down*
Gustav: As toi can probably tell, the Japanese are a very good ally to your so called, country....
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While I was stealing the motorcycle, other ponies were doing other things, such as....

Volk & Pablo: *running through field of fleurs to a stream*
Pablo: *sees boat*
Volk: *goes to boat*
Pablo: *Follows boat*
Gordon: *Walking down road*
Truck Driver: *Driving truck*
Gordon: *Waves hooves*
Truck Driver: *Stops truck*
Gordon: *Gets in*
Truck Driver: *Drives*
Volk & Pablo: *Go down stream in boat*
Sean: *Wearing Nazi uniform, and riding bike out of ditch onto road*

There was no damage on the bike, and I knew just where to go.

Meanwhile, on the train.

Shredder: *Sitting with Brewster*
Sacred Symphony:...
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Nineteen days passed, and we were close to leaving the camp.

Jade: *Sitting at desk* suivant in line please.
Shining Armor: *disguised as a griffon* Heil Robotnik!
Jade: Wie alt sind Sie?
Shining Armor: Fünfundzwanzig Jahre alt fraulein.
Jade: Wann haben Sie Nazi-Kräfte zu bündeln?
Shining Armor: Vor fünf Monaten.
Jade: Your German is good.
Shining Armor: Well, thanks I...
Jade: Aww, don't fall for that trick Shining Armor! It's the easiest way to pick up a suspect. Remember, german always.
Shining Armor: toi got it *Walks away*

Inside Brewster's room

Brewster: *Wearing a grey suit. Walking while...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Toby, and Melissa walked home, and told their parents about what they saw.

Martha: A painted tree? How is that possible?
Toby: The art class in our school did it.
James: Whatever will they think of next?
Toby: Maybe someday, a poney will put an engine into a horse carriage, and call it a car.
James: Hmmm.
Toby: It may not sound like a good idea now, but when it does get invented plus ponies will want to try it, and then they'll start creating their own cars. In twenty years ou so, they'll make a lot of changes to the car.
James: Uh, Toby? That's never going to happen at all.
Toby: Just a guess....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The striking workers were determined to keep the plant closed. They secured a steam-powered river launch and several rowboats to patrol the Monongahela River, which ran alongside the plant. Stallions also divided themselves into units along military lines. Picket lines were thrown up around the plant and the town, and 24-hour shifts established. Ferries and trains were watched. Strangers were challenged to give explanations for their presence in town; if one was not forthcoming, they were escorted outside the city limits.

Telegraph communications with AA ponies in other cities were established...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
P was calling Con on his phone

Con: *Answers call*
P: toi had to kill him. toi couldn't have just brought him in?
Con: I don't give a fuck about that.
P: Well toi better if toi want to keep your job.
Mr. Foust: Sir, we have info on Frank.
Con: What's going on?
P: We just got info on a poney named Frank. He's with four other ponies, and they're all wearing black fedoras.
Con: Where are they?
P: Sydney Australia. They're at a play, and I think we all know which building that it's in.
Con: Who doesn't?

Con had to go to the opera house in Sydney Australia.

Con: *In backstage area*
P: toi know what you're...
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