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posted by Dragon4322
 "Well of coarse they do"
"Well of coarse they do"
Our helicopter arrived at a good spot so we set up camp and then later went to sleep. Except for me and Chrysalis because the both of us didn't really like to sleep. So instead we whispered commentaires back and forth about opinions, wondering how our fans are back home. I asked my friend ,"Do toi think the fans miss us?" she looked at me with surprise and a dit ,"Well of coarse they do" and so i smiled at her comment. ,"Hey Chrysalis?.." I asked silently. My friend replied ,"Yes?" I asked her ,"What is it like to be a changeling?"Chrysalis responded par saying ,"Well being a changeling is no different from being a regular poney except our legs have holes in them and our wings are a little different also". I was interested in my best friend's perspective thinking that they aren't much different.
 "Well being a changeling is no different
"Well being a changeling is no different
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princess cadence was an alicorn she was kind beautiful and was a foalsitter to a young unicorn named twilight sparkle she was the neice of celestia and luna then when she was old she went to canterlot and she found a unicorn poulain, colt named shining armor he was TS's brother he was a nice and handsome poulain, colt he fell in l’amour with her then shining armor a dit cadence will u marry me cadence a dit of course! Well she was a princess! two days before the wedding there was a threat to canterlot and she was a changeling she kidnapped princess cadence and imprisoned her in a cave and she changed into a fake cadence shining armor thought is was real cadence and he got weaker TW found the real cadence got rid of the changeling and cadence and shining lived happily ever after of course after the wedding

the end <3
(Note that I do not own Button Mash ou any of the characters that may be read ou heard of. All of this is merely a fan fiction.)

It was a great jour in the little town of Ponyville, where the many ponies are out doing their very own labors, big and small. There wasn't any major thing going on, so that was a good thing, especially for the town's little gamer colt, Button Mash, who had just got beat in a game where he can't get past a major boss.

"This is impossible!" he cried. "Why do I even try to get past this if all that ever happens is me getting killed?!" It sure did sound like he was getting...
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