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2ntyOnePilots a dit …
Why the fuck toi no send me mises à jour for the MOST IMPORTANT club Fanpop??!!!
Ahem. I’m sorry! If I had know there was ANY activity here I sure as hell would’ve responded... but NoOoO! fanpop where’s toi respect for my legends?! posté il y a 7 jours
gvldenyovth a dit …
If I see any piss memes here I'm calling the police posté il y a 7 jours
2ntyOnePilots commenté…
I swear to god don’t bring that back il y a 7 jours
gvldenyovth commenté…
I'm trying to avoid this bullshit preemptively. It was fun while it lasted for 2 weeks and should now rot in its grave/ il y a 7 jours
partypoison03 a dit …
okay so Gerard way is the hottest person alive, posté il y a 15 jours
gvldenyovth commenté…
thé il y a 7 jours
2ntyOnePilots commenté…
OK SO AGREEE il y a 7 jours
2ntyOnePilots commenté…
(I’m semi-ace of whatever but still AGREEEEE!) il y a 7 jours