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Signs at the major and minor signs of full-time in the order in detail the salary arrangement full major junior

'Marks time in the Islamic religion is a set of phenomena and events indicates the occurrence and the imminence of the jour of Judgement, Muslim scholars divided into two labels:
• Minor signs of the Hour.
• signs of big time.

Minor signs of the heure

1. Mission of the Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah.
2. Splitting of the moon and this was on 14 December of the fifth an prior to migration to the opinion of many scientists.
3. The death of the Prophet Muhammad.
4. The emergence of obscenity and Altfahac.
5. Rupture of the uterus.
6. Bad neighbors.
7. Be entrusted traitor.
8. To betray the Secretary.
9. To believe the false.
10. Honest to lie.
11. Loss of deer (imams adults).
12. Assigning it to non-parents.
13. People with their hands whips like the tails of cows.
14. The spread of women who are clothed yet naked.
15. Muslim women to serve non-Muslim women.
16. Dye black hair (and beard).
17. Disarmament of the pond of the time.
18. That speaking of wild animaux to people.
19. Lack of weights and measures.
20. Prevention of Zakat.
21. Denunciation of the covenant of Allah and His Messenger
22. Not to judge the book of God.
23. Decline of the Euphrates on a mountain of gold.
24. Spread general meaning of religion and all around.
25. Killing of Uthman ibn Affan.
26. Fight the Jews.
27. The spread of sedition.
28. Competition on the world.
29. Lack of Trustees.
30. Disarmament of the Secretariat of the hearts.
31. Flag-raising.
32. The appearance of ignorance.
33. The spread of adultery.
34. The spread of alcohol.
35. Death of the scientists.
36. Consult ignorant.
37. Promises Betrayed.
38. Many of treason.
39. The happiest people this world Ibn Lkaa Lkaa.
40. The large number of slag.
41. The emergence of chant and musical instruments.
42. Follow the traditions of other nations.
43. Degradation.
44. Monstrosity.
45. Ejaculation.
46. To become the peace of knowing.
47. So widespread trade.
48. Concealment of the certificate.
49. Perjury.
50. Cut wombs.
51. The emergence of the pen.
52. Nation to give birth to her mistress (coup balances).
53. Competing in architecture.
54. Emirate of foolish.
55. Sale rule.
56. Disregard for death.
57. The large number of police.
58. Of jurisprudence has not lead the people.
59. Take the Koran Psalms (lead singer).
60. The establishment of security.
61. Open the treasures of Chosroes bin Hormuz.
62. The large number of money.
63. Commit adultery on the highway.
64. Decoration of mosques.
65. Desalination and the Koran, Zrkstha.
66. Not to divide the inheritance.
67. No joy booty.
68. To become the child's rage.
69. To become a winter Qaza.
70. A flood that exceeds the villains (the villains a lot).
71. Agad customers that tip (to be less valued)
72. montrer the flag and missed work.
73. l’amour and hatred tongues hearts.
74. The sparks that matter.
75. To be the case for women.
76. That the funds in the hands of tightwads.
77. Not one of God says God.
78. To return Arab land, green meadows.
79. Separation of the nation to 73 Division.
80. That people fight over money, not the world on religion.
81. A stampede of people to lead the funeral prayer of the children do not find them.
82. Fatality prayer.
83. Frequent divorce.
84. Sale of this world religion.
85. Sudden death.
86. Lengthen platforms and height.
87. Disable the border.
88. Destruction of hearts.
89. Women to imitate men and men and women.
90. Certificate is one of the quotes.
91. Alvesqh high voices in the mosques.
92. Be insured in the tribe humiliated criticism.
93. Ten of the work is ordered survived.
94. Frequent ejaculation.
95. That flooded the money is not accepted par one.

Signs at major

1. Sunrise from the west.
2. Exit of an animal.
3. Smoke.
4. Destruction of the Kaaba and the disappearance of the Koran.
5. Antichrist
6. The emergence of Jésus son of Mary.
7. Out of Gog and Magog.
8. The emergence of Imam Mahdi
9. Armageddon.
10. Wind out a good grab on the lives of believers

Order of the major signs

(Please do not publishing religious matters is not the knowledge ou without making sure, the wind last heure markers and God knows best)
1. Armageddon.
2. Imam Mahdi.
3. Antichrist.
4. Appearance of our Lord Jésus Christ son of Mary.
5. Appearance of Gog and Magog.
6. The death of our Lord Jésus Christ son of Mary.
7. Exit of an animal.
8. Wind out good souls of the Muslims arrested.
9. Sunrise from the west three days.
10. The disappearance of the Koran and the demolition of the Kaaba.
11. Out a great feu brings people to their place of gathering.
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* In the true vers l'avant, vers l’avant
Of Hudhayfah Ben acid Ghaffari a dit Hvefahatalaa Alinaonhan Prophet were discussing, he a dit What are toi discussing said: recall time. "It will not even see before ten verses
He mentioned the smoke, the Dajjal, the beast, and the rising of the sun from the west, and the descent of Jésus peace be upon him, and Gog and Magog. And three eclipse: eclipsed the Orient, and in the east, the Arabian Peninsula. And another that is a feu come out of Yemen, drive the people to their place of gathering. "
And all the major labels here only
The last signs of all the scholars say
feu which will emerge from Yemen, drive the people to their place of gathering
(Book of the events of the end)
Sheikh Muhammad Hassan
Page No. (426)
God knows