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Pick one:
Macy Gray: Walk This Way
Atomic Kitten: Tide is high
Britney Spears: I l’amour Rock n Roll
Jessica Simpson: These boots are made for walking
Kelly Osbourne: Papa Don't Preach
Sheryl Crow: Sweet Child O' Mine
Duran Duran: 911 is a Joke
Celine Dion & Anastacia: toi Shook Me All Night Long
Madonna: American Pie
Olivia Newton John: Ring of feu
Marilyn Manson: Tainted l’amour
Miley Cyrus: Smells Like Team Spirit
Paris Hilton: Do toi think I'm sexy
William Shatner: Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Dolly Parton: Stairway to heaven
Bono: Hallelujah
Hilary Duff: My Generation
Aaron Carter: I want Candy
Paul Anka: Smells Like Team Spirit
Ludichrist: Last Train to Clarksville
Katy Perry: Use Your l’amour
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