I hope no one sees through my disguise.
I know what I’ve done is not very wise.
But I stand behind my choice.
When this is all a dit and done hopefully my family will rejoice.
My Father is just too old and weak,
And won’t take any of our critique.
So I decided to go in his place.
I left in the middle of the night without a trace.
I have to act Rebelle and strong,
And hopefully nothing will go wrong.
But something has messed up my plan.
I think I’m falling in l’amour with a man.
No, not a soldier, my Captain!
I don’t really know how it happened ou when.
I do know that he doesn’t feel the same.
I am, after all, a “man”, ou so I claim.
I have to keep my feelings tucked away inside.
And my feminine traits I must hide.
I have to focus on my job,
And try not to sob.
I must remember why I am here,
My reasons for coming were sincere.
I have to get him out of my head.
And fight in this war instead.
But it is him that I adore,
And oh how I wish he thought I was a girl worth fighting for.