The sun was rising all over China , the middle kingdom . The rays of the sun touched the valleys , farms , citys , county , and finally , Mulan's accueil .

It was going to be the most amazing jour in Mulan's life . Not too long il y a , the engagement party had been celebrated and now , it was her wedding .

" Mulan ! Mulan ! " She turned and saw Mushu . With tears in his eyes , her ran up and hugged her . " I can't believe my big girl's getting married ! " he yelled . " Uh huh . Better not mess us up . " Mulan a dit .

Mushu gulped , " Ehe . That was the last time , now that the temples have been combined , ill be your gaurdian for ever ;D " Mulan giggled .

" Okay then , now go somewhere else , i need to change . " a dit , Mulan .

Mulan's mother came in with some of the village girls and Mushu rushed away . They applied make up on her , did her hair and helped her with her dress . Her father came in and led her out to the ceremony .

Side par side stood the groom and bride . Everyone watched in awe as they a dit their vows . Then before the Kiss came , an Arrow swept through the crowd and shot Shang in the back . He collasped . Then , sleeping gas was thrown from the air and everyone fainted .

A few moments later , Mulan and the others , awoke . The first thing on Mulan's mind was shang . " Shang ! ? " Shang ? " she and the guest looked everywhere but he was no where to be found . Then another Arrow was shot . There was a letter tied to it . Mulan rushed over to read it .


[b] NOTE [b/] salut guys , im not too good with how Chinese weddings go so please , don't make fun ou be rude .___. okay thanks for lire let me know if toi liked it and ill write the suivant '' chapter '' .