films A few of my favourite movie couples: Who do toi like the best?

Pick one:
Bud and Lindsey [the Abyss]
Han and Leia [Star Wars]
Dan and Laurie [Watchmen]
Wash and Zoe [Serenity]
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy [Pride & Prejudice '95]
Anne and Captain Wentworth [Persuasion '95]
Christian and Satine [Moulin Rouge]
Nathaniel and Cora [the Last of the Mohicans]
Beatrice and Benedick [Much Ado About Nothing]
Bridget and Mark [Bridget Jones's Diary]
Jason and Marie [Bourne trilogy]
Rick and Evie [the Mummy]
Michael and Selene [Underworld series]
Peter and Wendy [Peter Pan '03]
 fanfly posted il y a plus d’un an
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