films What is the worst time an actor ou actress has faked an accent for a movie?

Pick one:
Russell Crowe in American Gangster (Australian: faked a New York accent)
Jonny Lee Miller in The Flying Scotsman (British; faked a Scottish accent)
Bridget Jones's Diary (American; faked a British accent)
Angelina Jolie in Alexander (faked a blend of British, Greek, Arabic and Slavic)
Val Kilmer in Alexander (American; faked a Irish/Welsh accent)
Kevin Coster in Robin capuche, hotte (American; faked a British accent)
John Malkovich in Johnny English (American; faked a French accent)
Heather Graham in From Hell (American; faked an Irish accent)
Kate Beckinsale in van Helsing (British; faked a Romanian accent)
Jonny Lee Miller mainly in Hackers (British; fakes an American accent)
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Dick van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (American; tries a British accent)
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Leoardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond (American; fakes a South African accent)
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none of these
none of these
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Seth Greens british accent in The Best Man
Seth Greens british accent in The Best Man
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Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout (British; fakes an American accent)
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