films Who is your favori movie character OF ALL TIME? (PLEASE ADD...these are merely my favori characters)

Pick one:
Indiana Jones
Forrest Gump
Hannibal Lector
Darth Vader
Ace Ventura
Derek Zoolander
Jeff Spicoli
le capitaine Jack Sparrow
Jack Skellington
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Mr rose
Added by Earl-h
Samantha James (Just Friends)
Added by jessy-lu
The Terminator
Added by loner614
Jason "Igby" Slocumb (Igby Goes Down)
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Geoffrey Chaucer (Paul Bettany)
Added by DrDevience
Jonny châ teau (Dirty Dancing)
Jonny château (Dirty Dancing)
Added by pinkmad17
Vincent Vega
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Howard T. canard (Howard the Duck)
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V (V for Vendetta)
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Jack Dawson (Titanic)
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The Narrator (Fight Club)
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Shia Labuff (Transfo- rmers)
Shia Labuff (Transformers)
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Frank Ginsberg
Added by Shandiii
Max Fischer
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Rose Dawson (Titanic)
Clarence and Alabama (True Romance)
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Sweeney Todd
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crap, what&# 39; s her name? oh well: brittany murphy in...
crap, what's her name?oh well: brittany murphy in uptown girls
Added by VampireGirl
The Joker Heath ledger version
The Joker Heath ledger version
Added by sneydyboy
Ron Weasley
Added by jess_welsh
JD (Heathers)
Added by indigo_ozz
Edward Cullen
Added by HayesAJones
Harry Potter!!- !!!!!- !!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!
Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by horsechicsh
Bela Lugosi (Dracula)
Added by elecbanker
The Phantom
Added by SabrinaRocks
Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice, Keira Knightley)
Added by ppv
Alice Cullen (twilight series)
Added by shannon9396
Steve Prefontaine (Prefontaine) aka Jared Leto
Larry Talbot/werewolf(Lon Chaney Jr.)-The loup Man(1941)
Added by axemnas
Peter Petrelli ;D
Added by Joycie_x
Bella Swan/Cullen
Added by hettycool
Atticus bouvreuil, bouvreuil, bouvreuil, finch
Atticus bouvreuil, bouvreuil, finch
Added by lhotplover
Danny Valentine
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Severus Rogue
Added by Kraucik83
George McFly
Added by Bluekait
Hermoine Granger
Hermoine Granger
Added by nciscsimiami
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