There are several good films that sadly didn't get that much money and got bad reviews. This liste is about 5 good films that should be plus popular.

5. Ted 2

Ted 2 got mixed reviews, but I consider Ted 2 to be Seth MacFarlane's best film. This film leaves out Mila Kunis' killjoy character so it's plus fun than Ted 1. The film has plenty of funny jokes, good acting, and fun characters.

4. Mortdecai

Mortdeaci is a 2015 comedy film that stars Johnny Depp. This film lets Johnny Depp shine with goofy energy. This film really shows how much fun Johnny Depp is. He has excellent comedic acting. This film is 1 of Johnny Depp's best films.

3. Alice Through the Looking Glass

The 2016 Alice in Wonderland film. I really like it for the same reasons as the 2010 film, but this film benefits from having a better plot. The film is a cute friendship film between Alice and Tarrant. It has good characters, great acting, and impressive visuals.

2. InAPPropriate Comedy

This is a 2013 comedy film that was highly hated par critics. This film isn't for people that are easily offended. However this film is so much fun. It's such a crazy film that it's full of MDR scenes. Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Ari Schaffer, and Lindsay Lohan are really entertaining in this film. If toi like crazy comedy toi should watch this film.

1. The Comedian

The Comedian is a comedy film starring Robert De Niro. This is the best dark comedy film ever. The écriture is so well done. DE Niro's jouer la comédie is awesome and his character is great. This film is so brilliantly written that I have so much admiration for it. This film is a masterpiece!