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Hi guys! Rachel Caine here ... guess what? WE'RE DOING A KICKSTARTER to help bring Morganville to life as a high quality web series. Thank toi for your amazing l’amour and support - I have the best readers in the world, all OVER the world!
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'Buffy the vampire Slayer' Alumni Amber Benson who played Wiccan Tara on the montrer is set to play Morganville Vampire founder Amelie. Not much is known on when the montrer will kickstart ou who will portray the other characters. but what is known is that she will play the leader.

Amelie is the vampire founder of the town of Morganville. she is described as being cold towards other people and often nicknamed the 'Ice Queen."

Amber Benson's jouer la comédie credits have been renowned and especially her role in Buffy. I truly believe that she will do an amazing job as Amelie.