morgan Freeman Accident and quick recovery

mrfreemanfan posted on Aug 06, 2008 at 12:47AM
Mr. Freeman,

I actually had to join a fan club to contact you! My last fan club was for Herman Hermits so, please, forgive me. Good luck with your recovery and God speed! Probably won't watch the newest Batman, sorry, just too dark for me but my decision has nothing to do with you. I am sure you are incredible in the film. I have not seen a movie yet that you were in that I did not like and your diverse acting ability is the reason. Most recent was Bucket List and "laugh 'til you cry" was my favorite scene. God bless and God speed on your and the passenger's recovery (disappointed that "the passenger" was labeled as that -- like a non-person for not being famous -- unless, of course this was your/the passenger's preference. Some posts mention it was your wife; other posts mention your wife by first name as if they are personally acquainted with you both. I admire your acting ability and professionalism under public scrutiny. I respect the absolute privacy of you and your family.

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