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This Monster High fan-art contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

Holt proudly strolled down the halls "Valentines jour ohhh yeah!" he screeched reaching Frankie's locker. "Hello beautiful" He leaned against the locker over "what can i help toi with?" Frankie rolled her eyes "chemistry between toi and I" he winked. Frankie store at him in confusion "fine, just ONE date" "its tomorrow and wear something nice" he grinned "whatever" Frankie slammed her locker. Its canard, drake who i really like She realized her mistake
Draculaura anxiously waited for Clawd at the school entrance. "Hey D" he smiled "I'm sorry Clawd" she frowned "what's wrong?" he asked "its over"...
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I can reveal that a new monster is about to enter the monster high doors this August! Her name is Catty Noir and she is a chant kitty who has the most pop étoile, star worthy voice in monster high (sorry Operetta!) She has black fourrure and all the single monster boys want to go out with her! To view her fact file go to press on the students button then scroll down the page and look for Catty Noir! When we asked her what it's like being a chant sensation she a dit "I l’amour entertaining people and making them have that Saturday night feeling!" And when we asked her what is in the future for her she revealed "I am considering doing a duet with Holt Hyde and Operetta witch should be fun!"
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