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posted by Clawtina
10:34pm 2nd March 2012
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France...

The Masked Murder ran with the Emerald.
"le remettre". M.M's assistant asked.
"aucun". M.M answered back.
Her assistant growled.
"calmer vos oignons".
The assistant laughed.
Men's Institute of Spys, Paris, France...

Clawd walked back into the HQ.
"I can smell something sweet". Baxter said.
"Same". Nodded Billy and Heath.
They all looked at Clawd.
"You didn't"..... Billy said.
"Maybe"..! Clawd answered.
Billy frowned then face palmed.

Clawd blushed. "So in other words toi made out with the Masked Murder. toi know that SHE could have killed you....
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posted by HelloKitty_Love
Authours note: All the characters are single to add a plus lusty effect between the female and the male spies. Rated PG-13

Since the beginning of time, monsters have been after the so called formula. To this jour two different organizations have been looking for the formula, but it couldn't be found. The formula has been hidden in the male division, until they have made a big mistake.

The ghouls rushed into the conference room in a herd of panic. "What is it?" Cleo asked as she spazzed "we have had our plans stolen" Clawdeen frowned. Frankie examined the room as Clawdeen spoke "aren't we missing...
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posted by bratzdolly11
name:Grace Bunny
killer style:I like wearing rose skinny jeans and those tops that look like dresses ou Leggings with off the shoulder tops,either one looks good on me

freaky flaw:Sometimes I tend to hop around when I'm happy ou twitch my nose

favori color:PINK!

favori food:CARROT CAKE!Mmmm...carrot cake.

biggest pet peeve:raw carrots.I hate them they taste yucky,but I do l’amour carrot cake

favori activity:Gardening I like to grow plants then eat them

pet:My pet bunny Fluffery.He's the cutest bunny around,well seconde to me...JK

friends:anybody who wants to be my BMFF

fave class:Home Ick.I l’amour making my own nourriture and try it out at home

least fave class:Math,Clawculus and History

yes I consider her a monster
posted by prim17luvr101
Keep your eyes off my journal ou you'll spend the rest of your life as a lawn ornament.

July 1st

Another jour of doing exactly what I wanted to do. I can hardly wait for school to start. How many times would I need to write that line before I started to believe it?

July 15th

It rained today, which totally wrecked my plans to try out my new patin, patinage deck. I sat on the porch, turning flies into pebbles until Mom yelled that they were putting dents in the deck. Wish this rain would hurry up and stop.

July 16th

Dude, I l’amour Mom's killer Greek food, but that's like ALL she ever cooks. I wanted to make...
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posted by prim17luvr101
If you're going to dive into my diary make sure toi know how to swim.


I finally got the big wave board that a friend of mine down under custom made for me. I can’t wait to try it out at Cyclops, Dungeon plage ou maybe Ghost Trees. Of course now that school’s in I can’t just take off whenever I want. Hopefully there’ll be some monsters swells over one of our holidays – fins crossed till then.


Conditions for the surf meet were perfect today and I was able to score my first 10 of the season off this killer wave that I totally could feel breathing down the back of my neck....
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Of course toi want to read my diary...peasant.

30 July

So father arranged an appointment for me to meet with another agency today but regretfully I was unable to attend. I must have eaten something that did not agree with me last night for I felt faint this morning and I thought I detected the beginning of the shadow of a blemish. I immediately had the servants prepare an emergency spa treatment and I feared to déplacer lest my complexion be upset par the change in the humidity that would occur if I left the penthouse. The whole incident was very traumatic and was made plus so par learning that some...
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I don’t snoop in your unlife, so please don’t snoop in mine.

The 18th of September

I finally get my own column in the school paper. I already have THE blog that's on every gossip ghouls must read liste but any body can get a blog these days. Being in print gives me instant credibility however, not that I didn't have it obvious. Anyway the column is an anonymous advice/MH insider feature called Oh My Oracle. Why anonymous? Well if I used my real name I would never get anything done in class because monsters would constantly be asking my conseil and if I'm pursuing a bigger story...
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posted by HelloKitty_Love
Authours note: All the characters are single to add a plus lusty effect between the female and the male spies. Rated PG-13

Since the beginning of time, monsters have been after the so called formula. To this jour two different organizations have been looking for the formula, but it couldn't be found. The formula has been hidden in the male division, until they have made a big mistake.

Frankie headed to HQ, she was the new addition to the female division. "Spectra I'd like to rapporter a disturbance in my sector" She frowned "Explain" Spectra narrowed her eyes "the male division has taken the plans...
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posted by prim17luvr101
(Oh, toi give me the chills!)

Walking down a darkened hallway
Everybody turns to look at you
It's not because you're different
It's just because you're so scary cool

A sinister style
Mystery with a smile
You're drop dead gorgeous!
Drop dead gorgeous!

This school gives me the creeps
But when I'm with my peeps
You can't ignore us
This is where the ghoul kids rule!

Monster, Monster High
Monster High
Monster, Monster High
Come on, don't be shy
Monster High
The party never dies!

Monster, Monster High
Monster High
Monster, Monster High
Freaky, chic, and fly
Monster High
Where student bodies lie

Hey, Frankie's got me fallin'...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Name: Lunata Venatione (Venatione means Hunting in Latin)
Nickname: Atty
Age: 16
Monster Parent: a girl in Artemis's hunting group-Nina-who died giving birth to me but named me Lunata, for the Moon, before she died. Artemis adopted me and raised me as her own.
Killer Style: toady I rock black fishnet leggings and sleeves, a flow-y, silk dark purple dress, and black motorcycle boots. I always have my lucky bow and arrows and tranquilizer darts strapped around my shoulder. This is the fanciest I’ll get. Today’s one of my GFF’s, Skye’s, sweet 16th. She’s the Daughter of Zeus. Her Father...
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Clawdeen dragged her sister ,Howleen, behind her through the twisting streets of Paris, France. It was bad enough that she had to bring Howleen along, Clawdeen didnt want to miss the fashion montrer as well! It all started a mois ago, when Clawdeen had asked her parents for permission to go to France. They allowed her to go on one condition : she had to take Howleen. And now there they were, walking among the normies, trying to blend in. Howleen was so happy, she had always wanted to go to Paris. As the two siblings entered their designated hotel room, room 66, Howleen stared in awe at everything in the room. The room was all in shades of black, including the two beds. "Wow," thought Howleen," this room is beautiful!". Although Clawdeen had the same thoughts as her sister, she couldnt shake off the weird feeling she had about the room. "Relax Clawdeen," she thought, "this is Paris, what could go wrong?"
Clawtina yelled out "Stay put there's a rattle snake infront of our way".

Heath tried running the other direction.
Abbey tried calming him down but she had to use the 457 code.(which was making out)

Abbey at Heath started making out.
The rattle snake went up Clawtina's boot.
"Are toi like serious. Looks like toi have a new boyfriend".
Billy said. Clawd thumped him one in the chest.
Linda, Baxter, Spectra, Vikki and Draco flew down they saw a tiny rusty old town.
Linda pointed out her grandparents house.
"Maybe we can stay there but the wolfs can't come".
Draco smirked.

Something rose went...
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AUTHERS NOTE: This chapter will be mostly about Bloodie and Mr.M since people thought the last part was funny and cos this will get Bloodalina so hope toi like!!!
"Fuck you!" Bloodie shouted after the game ended "You beated me 10 times in a row..."
"Yes im skillful... Didnt toi know?"
"Yes I did know mutt." He a dit trying to start a fight.
"Im not a mutt... Thats Mia."
Just then Mia came in the room.
"WTF!!! ARE toi DOING HERE!?!" Mr.M asked.
>FUCK!< Bloodie thought.
"Im here cos Clawtina sent us to-" She then got butted in.
"Yes us..." Mia a dit while a chiot called Jessie came from behind...
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"I dare toi say it again to me and watch where your head will be. Up your ass". Billy said.
Clawd growled and pinned him to the ground.
Billy growled. (Big mistake)

Clawdeen and Clawtina walked out of the room with Blood over their clothes, scars bruises and they were growling in anger. (Cat fight)
Clawtina walked past Clawd, he took one look at her and a dit "What happened between toi and my sister".
Clawtina a dit "Something toi should have thought of right before doing it".
Clawtina walked off. Billy smirked. (Ohh something's gonna happen)
"Lets check out the fight between the boys"....
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posted by HelloKitty_Love
I know this is waaaaay over due, but here. Its about time XD

Age: 17

Parents: The Poltergeists

Killer style: I have a thing for ties. Ok fine its plus like a fetish.

Freaky flaw: I'm a bit loud and mischievous. I don't know why, but i'm pretty sure its an inherited thing.

Favorite color: Indigo.

Favorite food: I seem to go on with my un-life just fine without nourriture but I am fond of Prime Rib. Well done.

Pet peeve: Monsters who push me away when they haven't realized, that i haven't moved on.

Favorite activity: Its quite enjoyable to cause havoc, and feed off of the negative energy of my victims.

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It continues off a little bit like this...

Clawdeen had steam coming out of her ears like a Steam Locomotive. (Were is all the free coal from)
Billy and Baxter nearly passed out from the Dust Storm.

Spectra had a make up accident.
(She looked like a Clown Freak)
Vikki and Draco just woke up from a cat nap.

Abbey and Heath in a Jacuzzi unwinding the day.
(Hope no one made stinky bubbles)
Mr M decided to play Sonic Unleashed with Bloodie.
(Good Choice, until Bloodie beats you)

Clawtina and Clawd finally stopped making out.
(Hallelujah thank God) XD.
Clawdeen barged into the...
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Clawd store at Draco "an old flame? why am i not surprised?" he chuckled "so unnecessary" Draco narrowed his eyes. Bloodalina got on the bus "hiya handsome" she sat suivant to Draco Oh crap he thought "long time no see? huh?" he grinned "you thought toi could skip out on me? Well toi thought wrong" she frowned. Draculaura looked at Draco in disapproval "what does she mean and what did toi do?" she asked "just because i broke up with her over a century ago" He explained "you shattered my heart!" Bloodalina cried "and toi still haven't got over me?" Draco laughed.

For the rest of the jour Draco avoided...
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 Me <3
Me <3
Princess Bloodalina
Age: 1700 years old
Monster Parents: The King and Queen of Vampires

Killer Style: Hmm spots and different colors! I just l’amour red though.

Freaky Flaw: My eyes, there freaky ones red others purple/pinkish and people need to be mean about it.

Fave Color: Dark red simple as that

Fave Food: Hmmm I need to think but lets say blood?

Biggest Pet Peeve: When I ask someone out and they say no!!!

Fave activty: Hangin out and spying on boys <3

Pet: My bat Prince Bloodie the 6th!

Fave School Subject: I l’amour all!

Least Fave School Subject: I a dit I l’amour all!

BFF'S: Stiches Stein, Victora Count Abbey B!

Crush: Hmm none yet but canard, drake Haunts comes to mind :P
As Cupid was leaning on the broadcast button.
I got a message from Clawd:
I l’amour you, will toi rendez-vous amoureux, date me- Clawd####

Clawtina was gobsmacked.
She showed it to Cupid.
"We need to de-love you". Cupid said.
"But how"?
"Well we just put something in his drink then he'll be back to normal".
"But what about me who am I gonna dance with at the Ball"?
"Well honey it's just about the time and place, trust me you'll find a ghoul".

Clawd heard the broadcast he was heartbroken, which cured him from the powers of Cupid's Bow and Arrow.
Clawd woke up to himself.
"What happened". he asked.

Clawtina pointed to the Broadcast...
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posted by CuteBlossom123
Princess Bloodalina

Age: Like my pet I'm ages :P

Parents: The King and Queen of Vampires

Freaky Flaw: My eyes everyone needs to be mean about them? I tell toi it's just mean!!!

Fave Color: Ahhh lovely dark red.

Fave Food: Like most vampires blood.

Pet: My bat Prince Bloodie the 6th! So sweet.

A CuteBlossom123 creation shout out to Clawtina and MissIceQueen for the idea!

Hehe I hope toi like it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Omg don't toi like doing OCs? I do! Mostly vampires though well oh well.