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posted by BitterSweet65
Chapter 13 - Draculaura

I couldn't deal with it anymore. The baby was driving me crazy. Kicking me whenever I finally got comfortable and just making me sick every morning. Plus my stomach is getting bigger. Clawd cannot know about this.

I sighed as I walked up to the specialists clinic. I couldn't believe I was about to do this but it was the only way.

I walked in. The receptionist greeted me and walked me to the doctor.

"Now Draculaura, toi do understand the risks that come with abortion right?"
"Yes doctor, I do."
"Let's get started then!" The doctor stated, jumping out of his chair and putting...
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posted by shakira4499
my dear ghouls,

this news comes directly from new york's monster high toy fair.yes! on the occasion of the release of monster high boo york musical.this brand new musical of monster high is awsome and it introduces two new characters!
1.mousedious king
and now they are available in the store now. and the musical trailer is on youtube.soon the movie will be releasing.hope toi guys like it.this is a new starting for monster high as it did not got the center of attraction in past few months after, best of luck monster high.our best wishes are with you

I awoken with sounds of chirping of birds when i opened my eyes i saw. Only but blurs so i rubbed my eyes.and everything was clear,darling we are going to the loup house for breakfast at 10:00 a dit faher yozu know what i a dit about calling them wolfs !!! I a dit but darling there last name is litterly loup he said. O sorry father .its okay toi need to start getting ready its 9:05. bye i a dit and closed my door. Curled my hair and put it in a ponytail and put on. My rose sparkly. Dress and brushed my teeth and sharpend my fangs it was already 9:55. Come on father it is time to go....
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salut guys and ghouls so here is part 2 and sorry its a little short enjoy! Ps I didn't change anything because I'm busy so it's the same part as when the two normies came with eggs.

Frankie and Jackson where shocked when they saw the high school it had eggs everywhere then two normies throw eggs on Cleo "Nooo!" She cried then one of the a dit this Halloween will be the worries jour of there life's then they leaved "Oh my ghoul!, oh my ghoul!, oh my ghoul!!" a dit Frankie in worry. In side monster high Robecca came in and sat down suivant to the ghouls "I'm sorry I'm late did I miss anything?" She asked.

posted by RavenSparrow5
Chapter Two- Will it REALLY Work Out?
Piera walked down to the Catacombs and saw Holt. She ran up to him.
"YO PIERA!" Holt said.
"Bonjour, Holt!" Piera said, smiling.
Holt grabbed Piera's hand. They walked around the Catacombs and talked.
"So Holt, I have question. And I want an honest answer." Piera said.
"Okay." He said.
"Is this supposed do be a date, Mon'Amie?" Piera asked.
"Pff... um.. no..." Holt lied. He scratched the back of his head.
"Holt." Piera said. She stared at him for a few seconds.
"Um. yeah.." He said, nervously.
"Je vous aime, Holt." Piera blushed.
"I really like toi too." He accidentally...
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posted by RavenSparrow5
Introduction- Piera Goyle
As Piera Goyle walked in to the halls of Monster High, she got many admiring eyes from other students, especially Holt Hyde.
Holt walked up to the tall gargoyle. "YOOOOOOOOO! I'LL CARRY YOUR BAGS FOR YA!" He loudly offered.
"Oh, thank toi for offering, but I can handle it. I am Piera Goyle." Piera said, smiling. She adjusted her black beret.
"I'M HOLT HYDE YO!" Holt smiled.
Piera flipped her magenta hair. "I je sais de vous! toi are that fangtastique DJ!" She smiled,
"YUP! THAT'S MEEEEEEEEEEE!" Holt yelled, leaning against the wall.
They have a nice conversation for a while.
posted by RavenSparrow5
Introduction- Heath Burns

Heath kissed his girlfriend in the forbidden room of the catacombs. "So when are we gonna tell everyone we're a thing now?" Heath asked.
"We can't! It's too scary to think that I'll lose my friends. I just got lucky when they agreed to befriend me." Abbey said.
"Can't I just tell Manny?" Heath asked. "No!" Abbey said. She didn't want it known that her and Heath were dating because it would ruin her reputation.
They exited the room and walked to the main part of the catacombs and hid in a corner.
Heath kissed Abbey again. He just wanted to let everyone know.
They had a make out session for 5 minutes.
posted by Lil_Tynes100
Me and Clawd finally reached the gym but when we opened the doors an all out casketball war was going on. Clawd turned to me and a dit "If toi can win for our team your on the team." "okay. Peice of cake." I said. I walked out and the boys burst out laughing, it made me so mad I took the ball out of Deuce's hands and pulled out the casket ball rack and scored 20 times over in different locations most of them on the move. " Hows that for ghoul? mhm?" I said. I walked out of the gym with only a few dudes following after me. I think it was Heath, Deuce, and Clawd. I had a dit to three " Why do not...
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posted by limited9906
Previously on new ghoul at school.understood.understood mam abbey wht do u like to do for fun.freezing things.oh ok (bell rings) ooh its time for lunch lets go to the cafeteria salut guys .hey frankie whos this .this is abbey. (abbey whispers to self ill montrer them wht i think then maybe theylle accept me as a friend) u too much eyeshadow,you unsabled lipstick and u are trying tht outfit too hard.when are theses bracelets of urs come off a dit cleo.three o.clock laggonas swim race is at two o.clock we are going to cheer for her u and ur cold blooded buddy should not come.ive...
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posted by limited9906
Previously on new ghoul at school.ugh ur gonna pay for tht.toralei wht did she say? Asked one of her girls.she a dit i was a mean girl tht talks garbage ugh.WHT how dare she.said one of her other girls.i know weve got to get back at her and i know just how.(throws snowball at frankie) hey!.(throws snowball at abbey)so u want a fight ill give u a fight.(keeps throwing snowballs at each other) but one of the snowballs hit the teacher ahhgh wht was tht !.u two principals office NOW ahahahaha i told u i knew just how hihihihi at the principals office . Frankie abbey is a new girl why would u throw a snowball at her.she started it! No she did! Ok girls quite. these magic bracelets will not let u get apart if u do one of the bracelets will follow the other understood.understood mam.good

posted by limited9906
Today was a special jour for the ghouls a new ghoul has came to school. Hello students today we have a new student in our school plz welcome abbey abominable a dit the headmaster hi a dit frankie.a few minutes later. (bell rings).wow new girl a dit heat burns heya new girl ill carry ur livres for u baby.said heat My name is not baby it is abbey (freezes heat) (bell rings) salut girls look at tht new girl she seems so cold im gonna ask her a few questions a dit toralei to her girls.hey new girls feeling chilly huh hahahaha.shut up ur mouth a dit abbey.ugh do toi know who i am. Yes mean girl tht talks garbage .ugh how dare toi grrrr.ur gonnna pay for tht grr.

posted by habbofirstfan
.Today was Clawdeens b-day she usally forgets it as normall!.She got out of her lit and changed her pgs into her scool clothes and brushes her scruffy hair as always.She took her purple and or striped bag and headed off for school. as she ented she head off for her locker and opened it. Clawdeen carfully place her faveourite book on her locker 1st shelf.Today was economics clawdeens fave sudject but she didint feel the exitment in her.She sat last siège last row including last jour last week.Summer break starts soon is about 8 heure for Clawdeen it was thrillion.She secretly took her school...
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posted by habbofirstfan
Clawdeen layed on her lit tightly she wondered if she ever WILL find a boyfriend.She had a scary cold crush on this handsome elegant boy, Draculgan which is turned out to be Draculara's 17 old brother which she didnt know.He usally lurks round her locker in amazment.

Monday 25th October
Clawdeen asked Draculara if she knew ou met Draculgan."Hey ghoulfriend" Cheered Draculara
"Hey Girl, So do toi know ou met someone named Draculgan".Draculara eyes nearly fade."Er...he's my".Clawdeen looked like if she saw a ghost behind.Draculara tried to smile but couldent."Hey d, well i have...
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posted by nathensykesboo
Well where do we start? Ummmmmmm that way I'm sure. Clawdeen there's a door. Then lets go then. Good I'm finally out of that stingy place it rimmed odorous like someone died in there. Cleo stop being a little priest. I'm not a priest as of for toi toi have a pretty rash on your face. I do omg what happened oh that happens when I'm in places like that since it really stinks in there. But any way we have to find those boys....... toi looking for us pretty ladies cud I think you've found the right people. WHAT WAS THAT STUNT toi PULLED BACK THERE!!!!!????? That's our emergency inter room. What. The end of chapter 2 Chaldea 3 and 4 coming up then the to be continued and seconde book
* Title, subject to change *

I must not go on like this, life and l’amour are both deadly. For the rest of eternity I will have to deal with the hell that happened to me in my past. A person,or monster, must know the differences between good and evil, l’amour and lust, guilt and trust. Long after my death I have finally learned that life is full of temptation. This temptation that I speak of is a sneaky, deadly, and vile weapon lurking in the shadows waiting for your arrival. Once it has swallowed toi in to the deepest point, suffering for long enough, toi will realize that vengeance is needed.

❦......~ ~.....❦
Who the story is about is kind of obvious, Spectra. I needed to write this, her past seems like a mysterious tragedy O_O (I'm weird 0_o) But how DID she die? Who knows but, my theory is.....
posted by taylarules808
my eyes scanned eveywhere trying to find the person on the phone. Not such luck.
"Hey Spectra! how's my ghost coming along?" a dit dad sitting on a chair near the window.
"yeah fine, what are toi doing here anyway?" i a dit sitting down suivant to him.
"i've got a surprise!" he singsong doing awful disco moves while passing people stared at him.
"what kind?" i smirked.
" A AMAZING ONE!!! " he shouted. "spectra meet your uncle!"
i gasped.
"well hello spectra, you've grown since i've last saw you! toi look exactly like your mother! she was beautiful just like you!" smirked uncle coming out from the shadows....
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posted by taylarules808
my buzzed life in my hands, the fright song came blaring out. the call was from a blocked number.
"hello?" i a dit into it.
"is that spectra?" the voice a dit on the other line
" who is this?" i asked
"nobody. Are toi Spectra vondergeist?"
"well who else would it be?" i asked desperate to find out who this mystery person is.
"let me ask toi a few questions." the person said.
"just do it! first question: do toi know a person called heath burns?"
"is he annoying?" the person asked.
"yeah." i replied.
"do toi know why your uncle plotted against you?"
"because he was jealous and wanted himself to be on the throne."
"what has this gotta do with anything?" i asked
"meet me in the coffin haricot, fève at 7.30pm"
the line went dead......
posted by bratzdolly11
It was 8:00 and Kiara was snug in her lit dreaming of people alive and dead.Counting her mouton, moutons not making a peep laid Kiara in her grave bed.

In her dream was a man with bad odor and a tan he looked like a orange with eyes and a nose he snickered at her while turning on a hose.

She shrieked and scream,"Please I beg stop ."

He snickered,"Hop."he commanded

"Hop she asked slightly confused.

He frowned."What do toi think I am some kind of Baboon?!"

She hopped on her new black shoes

While the crazy old man watched the news

she suddenly awoke from this crazy dream and then stared blankly at a can of beans

"Alright this is the last time I eat these"she muttered while getting up to close the shutters.

And even though she was sound asleep she still saw the man watching the news."

Author's note:

This story is poésie so must read it like that,this story has rhyming and weirdness in it.Enjoy Kiara's crazy dream.:)
posted by bratzdolly11
Kiki,Laurie,Straberry and September were hanging around at the ice cream parlor.In case toi didn't know September was a new member to the frienship as was Strawberry,they welcomed the both with open arms.September never felt so loved she was used to being chased down and wanting to be used in museum par greedy money grubbing people.She never had a real family but these girls were different these girls were her best Friends and family the people she could depend on,of course she had other Friends like Grace even she stuck her neck out for September.September thought she was the happiest girl...
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posted by Clawtina
10:34pm 2nd March 2012
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France...

The Masked Murder ran with the Emerald.
"le remettre". M.M's assistant asked.
"aucun". M.M answered back.
Her assistant growled.
"calmer vos oignons".
The assistant laughed.
Men's Institute of Spys, Paris, France...

Clawd walked back into the HQ.
"I can smell something sweet". Baxter said.
"Same". Nodded Billy and Heath.
They all looked at Clawd.
"You didn't"..... Billy said.
"Maybe"..! Clawd answered.
Billy frowned then face palmed.

Clawd blushed. "So in other words toi made out with the Masked Murder. toi know that SHE could have killed you....
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