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posted by HelloKitty_Love
My eyes widened as I saw the two "Baxter, how did toi find out about this?" I asked him, but he just chuckled and told me that I talk too much. I rolled my eyes as I pulled out my iCoffin to record Heath and Invisi-Billy.

"Dont tell anyone." Heath snapped as he started to drill apart the heater. "I really don't have a choice unless I want to get suspended." Invisi-Billy chuckled. Heath rolled his eyes "Whatever. Just help me take apart this damn thing." he demanded as Invisi-Billy started to slice the wires from the open panel. Just then I sensed another presence walk...
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posted by prim17luvr101
Monster Parent: The Werecat
Age: 15 - We're 15
Killer Style: Purrsephone> We purrfurr skirts, vests, and shiny, jingly bracelets. We also l’amour fashions that match, right sister?
Meowlody> You're sooo correct. It makes life so much less confusing...for us.
Freaky Flaw: Purrsephone> Sometimes our curiosity gets us into trouble and we agree to purrticipate in the plans of others without considering the consequences. Meowlody>Why sister, toi make it sound like we don't have a mind of our own. Purrsephone>My apologies, purrhaps I was mistaken then.
Pet: Both>We used to have a canary...but...
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posted by nathensykesboo
One jour in monster high everyone has just got out of class but something didn't feel right it's like negitive inergy in the school clawdeen the loup sniffed and picked up a scent from the presenters. Come on guys I've found them she said. The scent stiled out side then all of a sudden........... a secret door opened up below then and all of the monsters fell and fell and fell until they hit a dead end. It was a secret room with pictures of five boys cute boys actually. Ummmmmmm guys where are we? We're in someones secret room but I can't pick up A scent anymore. But I think I can find a way out because the five people down here would of never made this if it didn't have a way out. But I think I have a plan. This is the end of chapter 1. But chapter2 is coming up
posted by prim17luvr101
Volume one thousand five hundred and ninety-nine… and 7/8.


Note to self,
When looking for a midnight snack -do not open Dad's side of the fridge! Honestly, I think some of his takeout has been in there for weeks.

15 September

I "broke up" with Jackson Jekyll today...not that we were ever really dating I mean officially, which would have been nice but every time he would ask me out he would totally pull the invisible boy act on me and now montrer up. ou call. The suivant jour he was always very sweet and apologetic but he could never remember why he forgot our date. I guess the final nail...
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posted by holy-hyde
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posted by mhlover102
Chapter 1 torture I stared out the window of the plane my father tried to cheer me up about us moving i will be going to a new school called monster high i was absolutely dreading it i had to leave behind my beloved valentine. ` come on darling don't be sad it will all look up" a dit my father. LOOK UP!! i left my boyfriend and my bff behind totally looks like looking up. Now draculaura grace vamp do never speak to me like that agian! I just sat there and rolled my eyes i looked like a hot mess my rose and black hair pulled into a bun a over sized rose chemise tied up in the back and some shorts absolutely torture ` ugh fourrure ball across from us a dit my father i slapped him playfully on the arm , Be nice after all are neighbors are loups garous i a dit , dont even remind. me about it

Hi chapter two will be tomorrow not to spoil anything but its notwhat it seems
It was a perfect jour at monster high until "ghouls ghouls" Frankie exlaimed as the gang turned their heads to Frankie "what's up ghoul" Draculaura a dit "theres a new kid coming to monster high!" Frankie replied "WHAT!?" all exlaimed "I wonder what she'll be like?" Clawdeen questioned as the door shut and made a sound someone was nearby. everyone stared at her darkness covering her face.As she walked down the coffin corridor " salut I see ears! Oh wait that's just part of her hoodie." Clawdeen a dit "No fangs" Draculaura a dit "No stitches not like me." Frankie a dit "No bandages" "No fins" Cleo and Lagoona added "Woah!!" The mystery kid exlaimed as she bumped in to Jackson "She's a normie." Frankie a dit "Hi I'm Zappy Z" she a dit "Nice to meet toi i'm Jackson" and then the school cloche, bell rang DIIIIING "Oops gotta go meet toi in the creepateria later" Zappy a dit "Okay" Jackson replied. Zappy went to her first class.
......To Be Continued.....,
posted by mhlover102
Draculaura is not in this one:-)

Frankie guess what i a dit what clawdeen? I had to pick up jackson to drop him off at lalas house! Eww did tell toi something interesting ! Maybe but call holt deuce cleo and Romulus to come over. Okay?...after the calls.... okay there coming over now will toi tell me what your up to not yet i a dit will ya give me a hint it is a plan what kinda plan ...after everyone comes.. okay sense everyone is here toi know lala and Jackson yes says everyone well i need toi guys to help me get them together so were gonna have a 4 couples rendez-vous amoureux, date here's the plan

Wait and see!
posted by prim17luvr101
It'll burn me up if toi read without asking.

July 23rd

Woke up in a moving truck last the cab...this time. But I was totally confused as to how I got there and exactly where I was going. I figured since Moms was driving, it meant another new job in another new town. Maybe this one will be the last for awhile...

July 25th

Tried to stay up so I could see what the new town looks like in the daytime, but it was no use. Soon as the first rayon, ray of sunlight cracked the horizon, I was out. Shouldn't be surprised, since for as long as I can remember, I've been trippin' to the musique of the night....
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While Bloodie and Mr M continued Round 2 on MW3 Clawd and Clawtina sat there watching TV.

Clawtina went to her room to get a brush.
Clawd came in and was behind her she could feel his hands around her waist. His breath on her neck. And his lips on her upper neck.

She turned around. "What do toi want".
She was pinned to the wall.
She just stood still, use made the first déplacer she smashed her lips against his. They were officially making out.
Billy panted. "I need some new underwear".
Clawdeen giggled.
Baxter collapsed on the bench.

Billy entered Clawtina's room accidentally and saw Clawtina...
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posted by bratzdolly11
chapter one:

It was eight o' clock and Alex woken up to start her new day.Her mom got her enrolled into Monsterhigh.Her pet Cheesy scampered in her room with her rose fuzzy slipper and placing them at her feet,slipping them in she picked up her souris friend and held her to her face.She got up and went to her closet it was going to be great school day!

The lights flickered on in Victora's room,her dad smiling big and Draculaura poking her head through his tight grip on the door.She smiled."Thanks for waking me up dad."

She was going to have the best jour at Monsterhigh even if it killed her...again....
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posted by Invaderskull95
The suivant day, at Monster high, everyone was outside in front of the school, awaiting the arrival of their new student,Purrsephone was very excited,while Toralei and Meowlody were hoping their scheme would go as planned,suddenly,eveyone heard the sound of a roar(sounding like the Spinosaurus Roar from Jurassic park 3),all were confused, except for Headmistress Bloodgood,

"That must be him now",she a dit as she held her head in her arms,

everyone looked to the sky, as a Dragon with pale white scales and black horns, decended at the school gate,and began to walk towards the crowd,before admiting...
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posted by CuteBlossom123
 My sis Ula D
My sis Ula D
Dear diary,
I began my jour as usal Draculaura poking my head my Dad shouting "Wake up! Wake up you'll be late!" toi see I always oversleep so I need to rush so sometimes I make a brad not a ponytail in my hair and I can also be wearing the wrong clothes not noticing I still have my slippers on to school. But when I got to school today there was a new boy here a bloodsucking vampire I thought "Finally someone my type!" I went over to greet him to Monster High but when I got to say "Hi" he a dit "Bye" and walked away. I felt my eyes watering up but I simply started to hide it I didn't want to...
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posted by bratzdolly11
chapter one:Sleeping-

It was about third period and Draculaurie was tired,so she fell asleep in Mad Science.

chapter two:Princess Laurie-

In her dreams she was sleeping so when wakened she was wearing a dress like in the Disney Princess Ariel was when she turned human (you know the rose one).She was in the middle of a forest and she wore a crown upon her head.She got up and walked around in the forest.As much as she loved the scenery she wanted to go home,she was about to turn around until she saw about six knights and a old pudgy man run toward her."Princess Laurie!"he cried,"She has returned!"he...
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posted by Invaderskull95
It was just another normal afternoon at the school of Monster high,all the students were either hanging out in class,or about the school with friends,all seemed quite,until Headmistress Bloodgood made an announcement,

"Attention Students and Staff of Monster High"she spoke over the P.A.,"Tomarrow,we will be getting a new student",she announced,

Everyone was excited after hearing the news,

"however this will be a little strange to hear about,you see,He is the son of the shape-shifter,and the vampiress,his name is Logan Shifter",she continued.

Everyone gasped in amazment and confusion,no one had...
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posted by charmtayla
Did toi know that there is a new monster arriving at monster high this week?! Well....I can confirm......there is! Her name is Madison ours and she is a loveable , huggable , kissable ours who has just entered the Monster High doors. When I exclusively interviewed her for the official monster high magazine (uk) she revealed "I am totes nervous about arriving at monster high , I've heard how cool it is but I've know idea about the schools profil ou anything so it's basically new to me!" And when we asked her if she's made any Friends at monster high yet she a dit "yes, I actually started hanging out with Rochelle Goyle which was amazing , and I just l’amour lagoona blue as she's extremely lovely , but if I had to choose between the two I'd probably choose lagoona!"
Age: 1799

Parents: The vampires

Killer style: wait.. wait... my what?

Freaky flaw: Apparently my so called 'flirting' is annoying. As if.

favori color: a nice dark blue

favori food: I haven't donné this any thought, but I guess meat.

Pet peeve: Childen. Especially little normie childen, its just not a good combination between me and them.

favori activity: Romancing the pretty ones.

Pet: My scorpion Spike, silent but deadly much like love.

BFFs: Heath Burns,Deuce Gorgon, Baxter Haunts, and Spectra Vondergeist.

Rivals: None...... yet

Romance: Being tied down? Like that's gonna happen.
Clawtina walked the dark aisles at Monster High. Monster High was decorated in pink, white and black streamer, cœur, coeur balloons and couples hand in hand. It was here hat time of an again. Valentines Day.
Every ghoul had there own soulmate except Clawtina.

"Hi Clawtina did toi know that there is a Valentines jour Ball"? Draculaura a dit happily.
"Yes I did know".
"Who are toi going with".
"Well no one I guess".
"ok". Draculaura a dit sadly.

"Hey Clawd".
Draculaura yelled out. "I gotta fly".
"See ya". I proclaimed.
Clawtina opened her locker and out fell a bunch of roses and a note: Meet me at the gym. Xoxo...
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posted by CuteBlossom123
 Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra Vondergeist

The daughter of the ghosts.
She is 16 years old and has a ball-and-chain motif.
She can float through walls and has an uncanny ability to hear everyone's gossip.
Spectra loves to be free and unbound to normal conventions.
She prides herself on being sweet, like her favori food, Angel nourriture cake, and getting the truth out to everyone about the ins and outs of Monster High.
She writes the column "Oh My Oracle" for the school newspaper and does so anonymously so that her name is not linked to any possibly bad advice.
Spectra believes she comes from a very noble family, until Ghoulia...
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posted by TheChris99
Part 6: The conclusion

Hi, I'm Hades Mortem and if toi don't know who I am par this point, there's really no need for toi to continue reading. If toi do remember me however, get ready to hear the final part of my story.

Frankie and I stood still staring at each other. Neither of us a dit anything, mostly due to the fact that we honestly didn't know WHAT to say. Due to my "touch of Death" no one had been able to touch me ever before. Yet Frankie had done just that a moment ago. She seemed stiff and maybe a bit frightened now. I think she had just realized what she had done and what could've happened....
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