Cleo in her normal outfit.

Cleo De Nile is 5,842 years old and is the daughter of the mummy. She has the haughty attitude of an Egyptian princess, plus the looks.

Cleo has a very bossy attitude and hates it when someone disobeys her orders. She usually gets along with everyone, but she has a tendency to say things before thinking them, which makes people go against her. Her actions go the same way.

Like all the characters, Cleo is introduced in the episode "New Ghoul @ School" which shows off her bossy and arrogant attitude when she bosses Ghoulia Yelps around and makes fun of Frankie Stein.

Cleo is "Best Ghoul Friends" with Ghoulia Yelps and is Duece Gorgon's girlfriend. Her favori color is gold, and she has a pet cobra named Hissette.


Normal Outfit:

Cleo has long brown hair with golden highlights. She has light blue eyes, and wears dark purple eyeshadow and dark red lipstick. She usually wears a strapless jumpsuit made of yellow-colored mummy wrappings, and a blue wrapped transparent top. She carries her phone on a strap on her thigh. She accessorizes with or jewelry and mummy wrappings.

Party Outfit:

Like most of the other characters, Cleo wears an outfit to the schools annual ball at their school. Cleo's hair is now short and stops just slightly below her shoulder and is still brown, but has black and light blue highlights in it. She wears a green and yellow off-the-shoulder dress with one sleeve, and tights on one leg, with green shoes.

Fear Leading Outfit:

Like most of the characters in Monster High, they all have some sort of After School activity. Cleo is the leader of the schools fear leading squad and she wears a similar outfit to all the other girls on the team. Her haut, retour au début is a black tank haut, retour au début with white and magenta outlines. Her jupe is the same color too, and her shoes are white tennis shoes with rose laces and they have a spiky heel to them.

Interests & Dislikes:

According to the official website, Cleo's favori activity is to rule the halls of Monster High and being captain of the fearleading squad. Her favori nourriture is grapes and her favori school subject is geometry. Why? Pyramids + An Egyptian Princess = the perfect class.

Cleo hates when people disobey her orders and she's also afraid of the dark. Yes, a monster afraid of the dark. Also, her least favori school subject is history. She quotes, "Been there, seen that, and got all the autographs from all the major players."

Cleo in her party outfit.
Cleo in her Fearleading uniform.