Saturday had finally come,Meowlody was already meowing with anticipation and fear at the same time,but could anyone blame her? this was going to be her first try at nudism,and she was so excited and afraid at the same time,she could barely keep her cereal filled spoon still.

"Meowlody chill,yes today is the Open jour at the resort,but toi have nothing to worry about" Purrsephone said.

"Relax? How could I relax? this is going to be my first try at nudism and I'm Freaking out Purr!

"Jeez,I havent seen anyone this tense since Hurricane Scaretrina" Their father Purrcy said,to be honest,he and his wife,their mother Catrina were just as nevous.

"Calm down toi guys,just act like your at a park and you'll be fine,and besides,I was just as nervouse my first time".Purrsephone said,

The car ride to the resort was defenitly a quiet one,Purrsephone could understand thathec she was scared her first time,but she was hopeful things would go well,As soon as they got the resort,Meowlody and her folks could see Luke and his folks at the enterance greeting others with complimentary sunscreen,and to thei shockall 3 were nude.but Purrsephone didnt mind,she then stripped off her clothes and tackle hugged Luke happily giving him a kiss.

"Haha salut Purrsephone" Luke greeted.

"Hi Luke,Purrsephone greeted back grabbing her bag.

As soon as the rules were explained,Luke and Purrsephone guided Meowlody and her folks into the resort,at that moment,Meowlodys jaw nearly hit the ground,as she looked around,practically the whole Monster High student disembody was there,naked as the jour they were born,Manny and Iris were under a arbre lire livres with Draculaura,Clawd,Bram and Gory,while Cleo and Toralei were at the pool in lounge chairs chatting away with Deuce suivant to Cleo listening to his tunes,Slow-moe and Don of the Dead were playing a game of chess while Ghoulia was in a chair suivant to them sunbathing as she read her Deadfast comic,even Frankie and Clawdeen were at the Pool bar sipping sodas,at that moment,Meowlody and her parents stripped down to their birthday Suits – Avocats sur Mesure in a Now-or-never manner,and after a moment,they realized it wasnt half bad,and it was quite liberating."Hey" Meowlody a dit "I..we're nude,and..nothing bad is happing".she continued."See sis,i told you".Purrsephone stated.

"Last one to the pool is a hairball!" Meowlody a dit as she ran to the pool and dived right the suprise of some of the fresh nudegoers."Hm,somone's a real eager mcbeaver today" Heath burns a dit with a nod from Meowlody swam.she smiled as she felt the water around her bare body,catching a wave from Lagoona and Gil,she waved back at them and reached for the surface to breath,and standing before her was Purrsephone,who smiled warmly,with Luke behind her."Haha,Pretty eager.arnt you?" Purrsephone asked."Uh huh" Meowlody answered as she got out of the pool to drive and sit down in a lounge chair,happy she had accomplished her first skinny dip."Manster that was good.and to think all this time I had been using a bathing suit".she continued."Haha funny aint it? now toi know why Luke and I like it so much".Purrsephone the minutes went by,Meowlody laid back on the adjustable chair,letting the her bare body soak up the suns warming rays,to be honest,she loved it,suddenly,she decided to get a drink at the bar,she ordered a Creepy-Cola.

"Hey Meowlody,fancy meeting toi here".Frankie a dit welcomingly.

"Oh salut ghouls,haha,I got to say i never expected my weekend to be like this,all nude in the sun and all".Meowlody said.

"haha i dont think anyone did,i mean sure it seems scary at first,but now everyone's wondering what all the fuss was about".Clawdeen said,

Meowlody simply smiled and chuckled,as she glanced over,she could see her mom and dad relaxing par the pool in their birthday suits,never had she felt so comfortable in her own birthday suit,let alone in private,this was certainly a whole new chapter in her life. went down to her siège with her drink to soak up plus of the warm sunrays.a few hours later as the sun began to set,it was time to go home,but everyone of the students agreed to visit the resort often,with it being a 3 jour weekend off school and work,the Werecat family decided to spend it at the resort.much to their own delight.

"Man i cant believe how good it feels to be in my own skin/fur,now I know why toi and Luke like it Purrsephone",Meowlody a dit happily."Haha,well,it basically is the only way to unlive right?" Luke said.

"That's right,after this weekend,I think we might be coming back".Purrcy said. with that,Meowlody once again hugged her sister tightly. "Thanks,Purrsephone,for reminding me to keep an open mind".Meowlody said.

"Haha well,that's really what Monster high is all about".Purrsephone said.

And with that as it was time to sleep,the family happily drifted off,Purrsephone had gone to bunk with her beloved Luke for the time they were there, and with all she had been through on that day,Meowlody would garauntee she would be coming back to the resort.