So people have requested for me to make my haut, retour au début five boy characters article since I made a haut, retour au début five girl characters. Well, here it is. Enjoy!!!

5. Deuce Gorgon

I know what you're thinking: Cleo is my favori character! But I don't like Deuce that much. But he made to my haut, retour au début five. Deuce Gorgon is friendly and outgoing, and very confident, making him one of the most populaire monsters around Monster High. He loves sports and is one of the captains of the casketball team. He also loves cooking, but he tries to keep it a secret. He is very loyal to his girlfriend Cleo de Nile (my favorite!) and tolerates a lot of her bad behavior with patience and grace.
Deuce Gorgon

4. Jackson Jekyll

Jackson is friendly and likes to play casketball, though he has a geeky fashion style and is sometimes picked on par other students. He appears to be the only human student at Monster High, and he is confused par his normalcy and feels a bit outcast in a school full of monsters.
Jackson Jekyll

3. Holt Hyde
Holt is a DJ, so he's very social and into promoting his music. He admits that he is "hot-headed" and can have a bit of a temper.
Holt Hyde

2. Manny Taur

I know: his a minor character. But…what's wrong with being a minor character? Manny is tough and a bully. He was seen picking on Jackson Jekyll in "Miss Infearmation" and was heard to be bullying Howleen loup in Abbey's 'School's Out' diary. However he's afraid of his sister Minnie and people who tell her his récent misbehavings so he is not a hardcore bully. He does not like being called a "bull". He has a dislike of zombies, due to them being so slow and does not believe that they should be allowed to play sports such as dodgeskull.
Manny Taur and Abbey Bominable (can't find a pic of him alone)

1. Clawd Wolf

I hate Draculaura. But I like her boyfriend. Clawd is very friendly, outgoing and kind to the others, especially to his girlfriend, Draculaura (pissed. :P) He's a loyal friend and a natural leader, jouer la comédie as the captain of several sports teams.
Clawd loup