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Fan fiction by sapphirez posted il y a plus d’un an
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It's 6:45 in the morning and Miyako is sitting in front of her dressing table.

Miyako: Lalalala. *sigh* Having a beauty face to take care is really hard. Oh well, lalalalala. What should I wear to school today? A dress? A miniskirt? ou something aléatoire and cute? For me to be populaire is a great image to control. Aha! I'll wear this to school.
Momoko: Gup Maw-ing Miwakow...
Miyako: Sheesh! Momoko, toi shouldn't talk with a big pain in your mouth. It's really impolite.
Momoko: *gulp* Miyako, toi changed your hairstyle!
Miyako: Yeah, I'm kinda bored with the same fasion everyday.

Miyako took out a small compact powder and look at her hair with the compact's mirror. Yes, her hair definitely looks different today. Instead of two curly ponytails, she changed it into two curly pigtails (not much different anyway, just the up and down).

Kaoru: Morning Miyako. Want to try my new skateboard?
Fan fiction by BouncingBunny posted il y a plus d’un an
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GreenKero/Elle:Finally the suivant chapter arrives
Me:-.- line stealer
Ella:well mmmmmmm BLEHHHHHHHH
Me:wow seriously -.-
Ella:yah seriously Meh o.o
Me:On with the story i say!!!!! XD
~Disclaimer:BouncingBunny doesn't own any of the Demashita! Power puff Girls Z characters

Miyako's Pov

"Oh Great" my subconscious echoed
-.- stupid subconscious why does it talk to me, people will think i have problems

"Hey" the mysterious voice a dit well mischievously
(A/N:story XD i had writers block so cry 4 jour wait)

"Go die in a well" I murmured i was really feed up with this dude -.-

"Aw come on Bubbles, toi know don't really feel that way...." he a dit full of bitterness

"Ummm Bubbles, seriously what kind of pet name is that?"I a dit questioningly worried for my secret identity

His sea blue eyes had a glint of suspicion
Fan fiction by BouncingBunny posted il y a plus d’un an
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Me:ok gotta continue
Kaoru:^^ (out of character)
Me:what got into your coffe this morning
Me:are they poisinus?
Me:ummmm ok then no cookie? i dont own most things except for the plot and my computer....and this story and this account but i dont own these letters -.- stupid letters
"WHY DIDNT MY PARENT COME BACK TOGETHER" I screeched , my voice was filled with venom,and pure agony
"why did my parents do this to me" i whimpered in a hushed tone

"why why why why why why why" i found my self crying hyterically and pounding on a dirty spray-paint covered building "why" I whispered faintly

"why did they leave me, all they had to do is atleast of came back together"I whispered
A hushed breath came out of my mouth and i still wept of my divorced parents

"urm miss are toi okay" a familiar voice questioned me

"yeah,yes im okay"i didnt bother to turn around and have the boy see me crying i was dignified enough for that
Fan fiction by BouncingBunny posted il y a plus d’un an
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me:new fanfic yay ^^ ^^ ^^
Buttercup:obviously -.- i can see it ya know
me:disclaimer please
buttercup:"bouncingbunny doesn't own any thing" chuckles " probolly not even a brain"
me: i heard that!!!!! Anyways on with the story-.-
I'll deal with toi later
Miyako's P.O.V
"THANK GOD school is over" i heard my friend kaoru claim vaugley
As usual she wore a wrinkly and old torn green chemise with a forest green sweater vest along with green and white cleats.
"okay kaoru time to go shopping" I heard a cheerful voice sang dillegentally
"oh come on Momoko do we have to" Kaoru a dit complaining
Momoko wore a rose and red short sleeve chemise with a glittery white cœur, coeur and a light blue mini jupe with converse, a frown adorned her face

I wore a baby blue belly tank witha white manche longue, manches longues veste and white Capri's along with blue flip-flops and black sunglasses my platinum blonde hair reached my hips in flowing pigtails.