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he is so gorgous
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*THE suivant MORNING*

YN: *yawns*morning ray
Rayray:*yawns morning Babe ohh yea mom and dad a dit thatthey left and theywontbe coming back anytime soon
Yn:oh well wat u wanna do today
Rayray:well can I invite some Friends over
Yn;sure whatever
rayray:calls prod roc and prince *
Rayray;aye yall wanna come over my house today and chill
the boys:yea wat time
Rayray:in like 20 minutes
the boys :kk
*20 minutes later*
the boys:bangin on the door*
Rayray;*yells*im coming
rayray;*opens door*
prince:whats u...GCO BECAUSE HE SEE'S YOU
Princes pov
dammmn shawty got a nice body lord hope I don't gt horny
end of pov *...
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