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 l’amour and they got it
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posted by MisFit2001
* hi yall so La'Seana aka LaLa and Sean are 4 me and rayon, ray are 20 ik MDR and the bros are 19*

LaLa- daddy look * does a back flip*
Ray-aww baby girl yannia*thats me lol* how can lala do a back flip but i can't
Me- Maybe uncle Roc been teaching her
Me- huh
Sean- l’amour u
Me-awww l’amour toi to baby I l’amour both of u
Ray-dang can daddy get some love
*the kids Kiss him*
Ray-awww thanks mommy didn't give daddy a kiss
Me-cuz mommy is saving till later ;-)
Ray-ohhh I got ya
Lala & Sean- im sleepy
Me-come on lets go upstairs
*we all go upstairs I put the kids to sleep and walked in me and rayon, ray room*
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posted by Suckmykicks
???: *Blushes* Thank you! :) Anyway I'm KeKe
??? I'm Lexi
???: Ashante
???: I'm Janae
???: And I'm Bre and we are
Prod: That was actually pretty cool
Girls: Thank you
Bre: We should get going now huh?
Diggy: *Smiles* Yeahhhh......but where we going???
Lexi: That's for us to know
Ray: toi guys should kinda stop that now
Prince: Let's get going
In The Car
Roc: So where did toi guys meet Craig
Shante: At Cold Stone
Diggy: What's Cold Stone??????
Girls: *Gasps*
Shante: toi don't know what coldstone is????
Ray: Noooooope!
Bre: We sir...
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posted by geekygirl1999
ok soooo im bakkkk lol

eb-*gets ready go over me n yannias mom dads house*
ke-lol shut up niggas
prod-keep talkin
ke-*shuts up*
me-really u scared of him
me- -___- he is a bag of Bones lol
eb but prod-*laugh*
prod-dont make me get roc on u
me-nigga what he going to do
roc-*looks at me with a sexy smile*
nas-lol come on

at mom n dads house
me n yannai-lol we know right
we walk n da house
mom-hiiii babies*hugs me n yannia*
us-hey mom
Boys-ur mom is beyonce
dad-*comes in*hey angle
yannia-hi daddy*hugs him*
dad-hey rock star
me-lol salut daddy*hugs him*
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posted by geekygirl1999
MDR ok now this is da last fugging time ima put this outfit up ok now this is 4 my other story ok link
now bak 2 da story

roc-come here alana*pulls my arm*
me-wat nigga
me-i mean nigga dat i l’amour ever so much
roc-yea dats wat i tho
me-lol wat ever where r we going

rocs pov
ok so i had a collier n a ring 4 her i mean i never felt this 4 any girl wow something must be different about her i think.i l’amour her.....i think im n l’amour with her
end of pov

my pov
so he showed me to this park it was nice i wounder why we r here
end of pov

roc-alana i have something 4 u
me-omg really
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at the house
Ray Rays P.O.V.
mia: salut babe what cha doing
me: nothing
mia climbed on my lap and started s’embrasser me and I rubed her thighs then she reached down and took off my chemise then I took off hers we kissed a little plus then I unhooked her bra she unziped my pants and pulled down my boxers I kissed her neck she took off her short shorts I stuck my little friend inside her and went in and out slowly she groned and I went a little faster
meanwhile at the store
Kate's P.O.V.
me: salut babe go get some oj
Prince: but that's all the way across the store
me: just go please
Prince: fine
ok that should keep...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Khleo POV

Man Leah has been really cranky and throwing up a lot .. I would ask her if she's pregnant but them mood swings is all over the place .. So we went to the doctor

Leah POV
Me: -nervous- I told toi I'm fine
K: No you're not
Me: -walked into the doctor office-

Doc: umm.. Leah you're pregnant
K: -looked surprised/confused-
Doc: congrats -walks away-
Me: thanks -walked to the car-

// In the Car//

K: so how long have toi knew
Me: I took a pregnancy test and that was about two weeks il y a when Chris was here
K: toi had sex with him?
Me: No
K: then who's baby is it?
Me: I don't want...
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posted by sweetieFTD
we all got ready we was looking fly all my girls and my sister looking bad
we all went downstairs and went into the cuisine i made everyone a sandwich, "sandwich" and poured them some jus, jus de
then my mom comes downstairs
" ok i dont want any drinking " my mom a dit
and this includes toi kenedy "
" ok mom " dang do toi trust me kenedy a dit getting up and grabbing her phone
we all got in kenedy's picture "arriana watch them " my mom a dit the she went upstairs then the door cloche, bell rang
the boys walked in
" salut yall " they all a dit
" yall look nice " princeton a dit grinning
" thanks" we all a dit

hit the scene and...
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posted by sweetieFTD
----------prods pov---------------
after we al got in the car i sat suivant to zinda i
scoot ocer a little plus and i put zinda in my lap and held her hand
"why u getting all touchy all of the sudden" zinda a dit
"im sorry would toi like me to stop " i a dit
" no" she a dit
we finally pulled up to the mall and i saw someone standing outside she walked closer to the car
" salut baby " she a dit we all got out the car
" hey" zindia a dit hugging Arriana
" well lets go in " princeton a dit rubbing his hands together
we all went into the mall and everyone divisé, split up Arrianna wa with prince roc with kenedy ray...
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posted by sweetieFTD
i used to have a friend his name was craig now hes all big and in mindless behavior he forgot about me and hasent called me ou skype for five years now and the worse part is my sister kenedy is a big fan of them and shes dragging me to a meet and greet so i guess i have to face him but im pretty sure i wont fell the way i fell about him anymore -------zindia maybe he will rember me maybe he wont i always liked him we have been Friends since diaper days and i feel that i dont know him anymore he gave me a neckalce before he left with my name in it thats the only thing i have to rember him par i know im jouer la comédie like hes dead but nevermind that craigs my so called bestfriend but one jour i hope he could be more
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