What the Shinigami looks like
toi were in a dark place full of screams and cries for help. "No not this place again" toi cried. toi knew what was going to happen. toi just hoped that Obito ou your alarm would wake toi up. Then toi saw those bloodlust eyes staring at you. It had begun. "Obito" toi screamed over and over but no use. Slowly candles started to light the darkness. toi could start to make out the 'Thing' as toi like to call it. "Shinigami" toi choked out only above a whisper. Around you, toi saw people chained to the walls dead bodies and skeletons’ scatted all over the floor. The smell was putrid; toi had to cover your nose. People of all ages, toi even saw a baby. That broke your heart. toi wanted to run to the baby and run for it. But toi couldn't. "Please help my baby" the mother cried. But toi couldn’t toi to were chained to the ground. "You stupid B#tch, toi think toi can handle me" roared Shinigami. The chains started to get tighter and tighter. "Stop it!" toi cried. "Your cold 'sweet heart'" he spat out 'sweetheart. "Let’s warm up this place". Around toi flames were burning the people, there cries and screams in pain were killing you. toi feel to your knees, tears rolling down your face.”Stop this, why are toi doing this” toi screamed/cried. Slowly the flames started to come towards you. Then all of a sudden-
End of dream

"Akuma, Akuma!" toi heard a person screaming and shoving you. Your eye flung open and sat start up in bed. toi saw Obito in his PJ's suivant to your lit with the worried expression. Thank god, if Obito didn't wake me up in time.., toi shivered at what could have happed. "Akuma are toi ok, I heard toi screaming and-" toi cut him off. "I'm fine Obito thanks for waking me up" toi a dit with a fake smile on your face. He lowered his voice as he spoke, "Akuma, your nightmares are getting worse" He a dit nearly crying. He has such a kind cœur, coeur this boy..; toi gripped his chemise and gave him a ours hug. "I'm fine, look no damage down....Cry baby!" toi shouted out the last part. "Hey I am not a cry baby!" he shouted at the haut, retour au début of his lungs. "Geese Obito, one jour those lungs are going to save your butt one day" toi laughed and with that toi gave him a flick on the forehead and legged it. Obito flew across the room, (You have strength like Tsunade). The only reason toi do this is to make him forget about worrying about you. toi do this in a caring way. (I'm so nice ^_^) Opps I think I did it a little too hard there.., toi thought with an animé sweet drop. As toi reached the cuisine Obito’s mum was there but toi call her mum to ^_^. “What’s going on up there is everything ok” she a dit while looking up the stairs. toi could hear struggling and cursing from up the stairs, from Obito trying to get up. “Yep everything is okkie-dokkie “you a dit with a face like this ^_^. “You know Akuma, toi really don’t know your own strength sometimes” She a dit shaking her head and walking towards the cuisine again. As soon as she finished saying that, a book came flying towards up. This is when your ninja sense kicks in. toi did a back flip in the air, while the book goes flying under neath you. toi land on your feet to see Obito leaning against the doorway with one hand breathing heavily. There was also a big reed mark on his forehead. “Heheh...I l’amour you” toi a dit with one had be hide your head scratching nervously. Obito jumps up and tackles toi to the ground. “Oh yeah Mr. Tuff guy” toi say while turning him over. “Why did toi flick me!” shouted Obito, as toi two were struggling on the floor. “It’s my way of affection” toi a dit with a face like this ^_^. “Here we go again “says mum shaking her head amusement. “Well I hate your affection” Shouts, this time is one haut, retour au début (Not like that perverts T_T) while throwing a punch. toi déplacer your head in time and when toi do Obito screams as his fist made contact with the wood floor. “Haha serves toi right” toi a dit laughing so hard toi couldn’t breathe. Obito’s baby sister started to giggle and clap her tiny hands, as toi two wrestled on the floor. “Hay Amane (That’s the baby’s name) don’t side with her” whined Obito. All of sudden a great wave of pain went through you. “Ha let your guard down” shouted Obito. toi were too busy trying to figure out where the pain was coming, when great force made contact with your nose. “Sh#t!” toi screamed as blood dripped from your nose. “Ok break it up” say Obito/your father comes in. toi stood up to get a tissue will Obito stood there shocked. toi see, he has never been able to land a hit on toi until now. “Akuma... I’m soo sorry” cried Obito runny towards you. “Good job Obito, getting your opponent when their guards is down” toi a dit messing up his hair. “But...But-“he started to stammer when his father cut in, “She’s right Obito but Akuma, why did toi let your guard down?” a dit father puzzled. toi let out a nervous laugh and a dit “Amane pulled a really funny face that’s all” toi lied. “Ok then, well suivant time keep your guard up, you’re a better Shinobi then that” he a dit still not believing you. “Yes father of course, I better get ready know. I got a mission to do”. toi quickly ran upstairs and locked the down be hid you. What happen back there? Your thoughts were cut off buy Obito banging on the door. “What Obito I’m going to have a douche now” toi a dit while unlocking the door and opening it. “You’re a bad liar, toi do know that do you?” he a dit in a stein voice. What’s wrong with Obito toi though.., “What’s wrong with you?” toi a dit playing dumb. toi knew why, Obito hated to be lied at epically if it was you. He just stood there waiting for toi to answer him. “Look, I don’t know either. But aren’t toi meeting your sensei today” toi a dit changing the topic quickly. Obito face lit up. “Yeah and guess what?” “What?” toi a dit not really caring. “I’m with rin, my love, the most-“you slammed the door in his face. toi knew if toi stand there hell blab on all jour about ‘Precious rin’ toi thought statistically. toi had a quick douche and got dress. As toi were opening the door, toi couldn’t believe it but Obito was still rambling on about rin. “Come on Romeo” toi a dit while dragging him down stairs. “Hey, salut I can walk” shouted Obito. toi let him go when toi reached the stairs. toi looked up to the clock to see toi were late! “Sh#t!” toi screamed while grapping an pomme and started to run when toi were stopped. “Mum gotta go I’m late” toi whined. “I know that dear but toi forgot to give me a hug” she a dit in a sweet soft voice. Your mother never did this for you. That’s why every time Obito/your mum say it your face lights up. “Hehe sorry mum” toi a dit will giving her a quick hug. Obito was standing beside here; he didn’t need to leave for another 15 minutes. toi gave Obito a Kiss on the cheek and ran off. toi laughed while hearing Obito running to the tap to wash his face. How nice..,

Minato is coming up (You: yes finally)
Sorry I get carried away some times (you: that’s coo...On with the story!)

toi were running at haut, retour au début speed doging people and jumping other thing. But toi thought it would be could training for your dogging. Something had caught your attention. toi looked away quickly only to here ‘THUD’ toi ran into someone and papers went everywhere and I mean everywhere. It was like raining paper (Hehe raining paper^_^) toi well to the ground hard on your tail bone. I should really look where I’m going.., when toi looked up, toi saw a hand stretch out to you. toi couldn’t believe who toi had just bumped into. The hottest most powerful ninja...Minato aka ‘The Yellow flash’. Your eyes meet his deep blue ocean ones. toi could have stayed there staring at when your thoughts were broken par his deep beautiful voice that angles them self could sing to. “Need a hand” he a dit with his famous smile. God I l’amour that smile and his jungle blonde hair *drools*. “U-uh yeah t-t-thank y-you, I’m r-really s-s-sorry” toi stammered while he pulled toi up. (Think of Hinata when she talks to Naruto. God I would faint if he grabbed my hand <3) What’s happening to me what are these feelings...Oh god I can’t be developing a crush, its forbidden.., The streets and stop and had gotten quiet, everyone was staring at toi while the girls were glaring at you. Minato laughed “its ok let me guess you’re late” he a dit with a soft smile. toi couldn’t speak, the words were stuck in your through. So all toi could do was nod. “Ha-ha well I better not keep toi waiting” he a dit again. “W-what about y-y-your p-papers” toi a dit only above a whisper but he had heard you. With a blink of the eye he had all his papers wow now that is fast.., toi thought. “You’re a quiet one aren’t you?” he a dit with a kind smile.”S-sorry” toi a dit lowering your head. “No worries about it, everyone has their own personality”. toi nodded, toi were glad he didn’t think toi were weird. “Well see toi around hope I didn’t get toi in trouble. If toi want I’ll come with toi and tell the Hokage what happened” He a dit with a reinsuring voice. Your cœur, coeur skipped at least two beats.”No t-thank y-y-ou, b-bye”. “Ok then see toi around” he pulled of his famous smile. He reached out his hand to shake with you. It took toi a few secondes to realise what was happening. “Hehe s-sorry still h-half a-a-asleep” his had was surprisingly smooth and soft when toi shook hand. Seriously but his eyes that were filled with much care and l’amour it made yourself feel warm. “Hehe toi can let go know” he a dit laughing. A bright red blush went across your face but luckily toi turned around. toi waved hide as toi ran. The streets started to déplacer again and the noise rose up. toi turned around to see if he was still there but he wasn’t.

I l’amour this image<3