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 Hannah Montana- The Movie
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Miley Cyrus raised eyebrows when she got dressed up as a prostitute for her 17th birthday party.

The Hannah Montana étoile, star turned up at the bash at New York’s Canal Room as Julia Roberts’ character from the film Pretty Woman.

The Disney starlet celebrated with a performance from Constantine Maroulis and the cast of Broadway musical Rock of Ages, the New York Post reports.

A source said: “Miley had seen the montrer two weeks il y a and loved it, so her mom Tish brought the cast in to surprise her. But I’m not sure who was plus into Constantine – Miley ou her mother. Between songs from the musical, Miley grabbed Constantine and danced with him at the front of the stage and then Tish joined in.“

A representative for Miley was unavailable for commentaire and we havent been able to obtain any photos of Miley Cyrus’s Prostitute Outfit.
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