miley gave some details about the bangerz tour here it is:

1. MASSIVE screen she's bringing a big screen to every city every city is going to be the biggest it can be

2. the whole tour is based on animals, sketched par Ren &Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi including "imaginative animals"

3. she'll give the fans some REAL things to collect not just some Candy falling from the sky

4. Self-parodies will make appearances so the whole thing is kind of making (fun of) the way people perceive her

5. the tour outfits will have some designs from the Blonds,Marc jacobs and Jeremy Scott as well as archive pieces from Bob Mackie

6. the concert has no time the tour set liste will mostly focus on bangerz as well as some of her old hits and there will be an acoustic section at the end of her old songs and some covers and "can go as long as i want" she said. depending on the audience's energy

7. special guests guaranteed artists like mike will, future and other bangerz collaborators

8. the theme color is rose with plans to deck out the entire vehicle like a giant "Barbie dollhouse