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The suivant jour when we arrived to the studio it seemed weird cause Michael didn't seem mad maybe he was just trying to forget about what happened, ou was it just me.
as I was about to walk over to get some water somebody grabbed me par the waist from behind pulling me into them I smiled knowing exactly who it was
"Hey Baby." Jackie a dit giving a peck on the lips
"Hey." I a dit still being a bit shy even though we were dating
we stood there talking for a while until the director a dit it was time for the guys to get on stage
while I stood there watching the guys do there thing I still couldn't get Michael...
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During the interview Michael can not focus on the questions, just on Holly. Mr.Douglas says "Holly would toi like to grace us and the audience with a song?" houx being bashfull "Ok." "Now don't be shy." Mr. Douglas tells Holly. houx goes to the little stage they have set up. All of a sudden houx lights up and this amazing voice comes out of this little girl! Michael is speechless, and so is the rest of the audience. Finally the interview becomes over and everybody starts getting their things together. Michael walks past Holly's dressing room. Michael thinks to himself,"should I go in and...
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Michael comes into the room and sits down,waiting for Leo Lebrasco.Leo is an old friend of Michael and they haven't seen each other in years!Leo asked Michael to take part in a project,it's a short movie and he wants Michael for one of the main characters.Leo comes in the room:"Hey,Michael,how are toi doing kid?"."I'm fine,thanks Leo,how are you?",Michael says as they shake hands."Very good kid!Now listen up,I know the jouer la comédie is not for toi anymore but I need toi so I hired someone who worked with toi in the past,in your last movie.She's an amazing actress and I know that toi 2 will enjoy working...
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Korie waited around, pacing and wondering what to say to Sarah. He's never had to lie to keep it a secret before. Sarah didn't show, so he decided to see how Ashley was doing.
He walked to her cell to only see two guards par the door. They stopped him before he even opened the door.
"Halt. What are toi doing?" One of the guards asked.
"I'm...I'm here to see my baby sister and my nephew." He said.
The guards looked at each other and one of them went into the cell.
In The Cell
Ashley and Michael were playing with Bryan, until they heard a guard come into the cell.
"Aikaterina, there's someone who wants...
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6 months later
Michael helped whenever possible. He had even taken Ashley's place and danced for her sister.
'Oh man, now I know what she's been through.' He thought, re-entering the cell.
He went over to the lit and sat suivant to it. Ashley was asleep. He knew she didn't sleep much because she was pregnant. He was rather excited and he had something special in mind for her. He just had to wait until she woke up.
A couple hours later
Michael looked at Ashley and saw her open her eyes. She yawned a bit.
"Evening sleepyhead, Aikaterina." Michael joked.
Ashley giggled. "Evening, Eo. How long was I asleep?"...
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For the suivant two weeks, Ashley was stuck in the cell. She definitely wasn't feeling well and she had a feeling there was something wrong with her. She started thinking of what happened after she and Michael made love.
"Okay...I wasn't feeling well the following morning...I was stuck in the bathroom last week...oh my God..." she muttered to herself.
It hit her like a ton of bricks. She...was pregnant.
"Oh God...how is he gonna react?"
"How is who gonna react?" Someone asked.
She about jumped when she heard the voice. She turned to see Michael in the connecting doorway. She got nervous real fast.
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 Michael at his computer and on twitter
Michael at his computer and on twitter
After work
Rebecca drove Crystal home, mainly because Crystal couldn't drive yet...and they are the same age! Once they got to her house, she got out of the car. "Thanks, Rebecca! See toi suivant week!" She said. "Yeah, later, Crystal!" Rebecca replied, waving while Crystal went inside her house. Rebecca backed out of the driveway and headed on home. During the drive, she got out her Invincible CD and started playing it. First song that started, of course, is Unbreakable. She loved this song, but she skipped through to track 5, which was Heaven Can Wait, for on track 6 was toi Rock My World. She's...
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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Lisa Marie was good about at least visiting. So she had no problem going and doing some of the compassionate things of giving these children l’amour and making them feel special?

Michael Jackson: She had no problem doing that but her and I had several big arguments 'cause she's very territorial with her children. Her children were [her major concern]...and I said, "No all children are our children," and she never liked that coming from me. She was very angry about that. Plus, she had a fight with me one time when two little boys in Londres killed this other kid and I was going...
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Welcome viewers...This is my new story hope toi enjoy...Shall I begin? Ok...Me and Michael were friends,We always hung out together and had fun. But That wasn't enough for me. I didn't want to just be Michael's friend. I wanted to be much more. I wanted to be with him. But I was sure he didn't want to be with me. Michael didn't even know if he wanted to be with Mccala. He was very confused and didn't know which way to turn. He didn't know what kind of girl would be right for him. He had no idea who would be the l’amour of his life. Michael is 22 and Mccala is 21. They are close Friends but Mccala...
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She’s looking for a job and a finer place to stay,
She’s looking for the hope and the empty promises,
She’s working two jobs, keeping alive,
She works in a restaurant during day,
She waits her life away,
She wipes her tears away.
She hides inside every time she feels this way,
And she’s …inside, every time her baby cries.

Keeping your head up to the sky!
Keeping your mind stay alive,
Keeping your wings so we can fly,
Keep your head up, tonight!
Keeping your head up to the sky,
Are we could just rise up, tell me now?
Give me your wings so we can fly!

Killing up the life in...
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